04 September 2010

Little green houses.

It's been a very dramatic week. First, I had to say my official (but not like, forever -- I'll be back, duh!) goodbye to Ann Arbor, culminating in a very delicious but bittersweet Roadhouse dinner with my Rachel.

Forever your angel.

Then, as I vacuumed the AA house up, got the dogs loaded into the car... Brad called. Closing was postponed. Rather, put on hold. We weren't given a new date. Crazy nonsense from the owner's bank re: his shady financial past. We were told it could be a few days, it could be a week, it could be a few weeks. Great. Did I mention we (well, I) had already set all the utilities up, set up appointments to get work quotes, transferred our mail... UGH. On top of it, we now began to worry that something was even more wrong then we knew and we might not close at all. So, to keep my brain occupied, and get us all out of the apartment, I took the dog's to the St. Joe dog park. I'm so glad I did.

It's huge. It's grassy. It's well shaded and has plenty of benches. It even has a doggie water fountain. Did I mention it's huge? Running around here for a few hours tired the pooches out plenty.

Fast forward a few days and oodles of drama... and we closed! In hindsight, three days later is NOT very dramatic. But everything has gone so wrong with this whole process (you don't want to know!) that it was easy to feel like it would never actually happen. But it did, and we couldn't be happier.

Welcome home!

We have a very cute little front porch.

And a FENCED YARD! Heaven.

What IS this crazy place?

Already on the counter.

Sun porch.


"This feels like the right bedroom for us."

Of course, we got right to work! Only the long weekend to get projects done before the floor guys start refinishing on Tuesday and the movers come on the 12th...

Picking out paint... to replace the beautiful peach/aqua combo.

Priming the bedroom and the bright blue office.

"Seriously, guys. I'll do a good job!"

Installing a surprise!-the-current-one-leaks new faucet.
(The head of the faucet pulls out... it's the squirty piece, too!)

And... the piece de resistance...

Brad and his dad repair-break-remove-prep-for-new toilet.
(How CUTE is that tile?!)

And, somewhere in there, I ran to the store and grabbed the fixins for some delicious sandwiches. Our first "homemade" meal in the house.

Windowsills! Natural light! My new kitchen rules.

Lots more to come soon! ...but hopefully no more surprise "fixes." :D


Lady Lisa said...

Oh honey, it's so lovely! I can't wait to come visit after you've got it all fixed up just the way you like. It still strikes me as hilarious just how different our lives are right now though. :-) Have I mentioned it's still over 80 degrees here?? Damn I wish I had a 50 degree Michigan fall!

Mrs. Church said...

Ha ha, I JUST said that to Brad last night. We are like opposite twins. We should write a book! HA! :)

I'm wearing a sweatshirt. Na na na boo boo!