21 September 2010

The lemon song.

I couldn't very well talk about lemon bars and not make them, could I?? And now that I'm done with most of the "fun" parts of unpacking, I'm finding I get much more easily distracted. So after some cleaning and organizing, I ran errands and picked up some ingredients while I was out. Including lots of lemons and limes!

I found this recipe for lemon-lime bars a few years ago, and this post is most likely what set me on my search for the perfect Pyrex baking dish. I've also made this recipe before, so I knew it was a sure thing. Did I mention it was 87 degrees here today? Holy crap does that gas oven kick off some heat. Smart thinking on my part. :P

(Whoa! Time for our first west-side storm! Thunder lightning and wind oh my!)

I was VERY excited to get to use my antique juicer (thanks, Aunt Sandy!) for the first time.

Lemon limey!

It was so hot in the kitchen, I just mixed my dough by hand instead of busting out the processor.

Once the crust was baked, in went the goo, and back into the oven. Then while dessert cooled, we took a walk to the beach (Heidi took a little swim), then I threw dinner together. Time to use those adorable mini peppers.

I decided to stuff and bake them, despite being sure the stuffing process would be quite a pain. In fact, it wasn't really, so good for future reference. I mixed up some chopped fresh spinach and some crumbled feta, a little pepper, then stuffed the mixture into the peppers. I threw in a few cherry tomatoes to roast for good measure. Then I baked at 375 for about 20 minutes.

Pretty peppers.

Dinner time!

I served the peppers with a little salad and some couscous I picked up at the little food store downtown (I also picked up some more chocolate peanut butter... MMMM). And those tomatoes... I cannot get over how fun it is to pop a hot cooked cherry tomato in your mouth. So good. I liked this recipe a lot -- my only change would be to cook the peppers a little bit longer, maybe another 5 minutes, just to soften them up even more.

Then.... it was time for dessert!

I love lemon.


Sara said...

Good thing I just finished eating. Everything looks super delicious!

the two of us said...

Yumm. I'm coming up for left overs.

Mrs. Church said...

...still have a few lemon bars left! :D

KayBee said...

You are so adorable! I expected a repeat when I visit :) Miss you love!!