27 July 2011

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes.

Since I turned 32...

I left home for the first time.

I powered through world's worst summer (selling a house, buying a house, living apart from Brad).

I started eating peas.

I started drinking beer (a limited menu, but beer nonetheless).

I moved to the beach.

I bought a house I'm madly in love with.

I've remained in remission and have had little trouble with my guts.

I learned to live without Zingerman's.

I was reminded of how many super duper awesome friends I have.

I met a handful of super duper awesome new friends.

I said hello to a bundle of new babies.

I got to use my master's degree.

I celebrated my fifth year of marriage.

I ate at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant.

I (sort of) reentered the work force. I'm not entirely bitter about it.

I saw Scissor Sisters in concert and it was pretty dang sweet.

I got to introduce my family to my beach town and run around in the sand with my ever-growing nephew.

I bought my first automatic car, and welcomed power locks for the first time.

I celebrated my second year as a vegetarian.

I started riding my bike.

I went swimming with Heidi for the first time.

Not too shabby.

Here's looking at you, 33. You better be nice.

25 July 2011

Garden of eden.

I've grown basil for the past few years, but this year I decided it was finally time to try my hand at actual food. Earlier this spring, Hillary, Ceile, and I hit the Sawyer Garden Center, and we all loaded up on lots of goodies. I've been very patiently waiting, and things are finally starting to sprout. So far, I haven't killed anything. I may have veggies just yet!

Big Boy tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, red peppers; on the railing, banana peppers, basil, and mint.

How cute are these guys?

Hillary and I went back to Sawyer two weeks ago, a way to escape the heat, and I picked up these banana peppers for $0.39! That may be the score of the year. And they are the cutest ever.

I also had a little (well, huge) interloper on the deck last week, trying to get at my goodies...

Female stag beetle. Huge female stag beetle.

And one last quick image before I head off to watch Hoarders... World's prettiest fruit.

Pink currants! They look like little glass balls. And they were sweet and tasty, too.

14 July 2011

Fun in the sun.

It took a screwed-up Firefox and me thinking my blog got deleted for me to log in for the first time in almost two months. Normally I tend to slip away from blogging when times are tough, but this time I swear that's not the case.

I just really love my town. And we're really trying to make the very most of our first summer here. At the beach. In town. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

So what have I been doing, you might be wondering... ?? (Or maybe not! Ha!)

Going to Chicago.

Having awesome visitors.

Aunt Sandy from WV and cousin Alex and Aunt Karen from CA.

Birgy turns 30. I find this amusing.

Going to the beach.

Watching amazing sunsets and fireworks on the beach.

4th of July on the Bluff w/ Chris & Ceile.

Riding my bike. (Yes, you heard that right.) Walking (or biking) to town. Attending art fairs and watching fireworks. Going to the farmers market and getting iced lattes. Having romantic sushi picnics on the bluff.

Hanging out with my lovely St. Joe ladies.

Golfing with Bradford at the 'club. I even have golf clubs (purple!) and golf shoes (with rhinestones).

Oh yeah, and my in-laws moved in across the street.