31 August 2007

Olive who? Olive you!

*Note, as I write this, Heidi is laying on my lap with her head half on the keyboard. She's dying to be a blogger.

I had a half day today (yeah BNP for giving us half days before all holidays!), so at noon I took off to the Humane Society to walk my pooches. It's always a mixture of sad and happy here, but today I felt so strongly on both ends of the spectrum. I had the SWEETEST dogs, but I felt like crying most of the time because I just don't understand how anyone could give up such sweet beings that do nothing but love the heck out of you. I know they'll all make it to warm and loving homes eventually, but man does it make me want to come home and spoil the crap out of Heidi.

First up was Olive, who Rachel had given me a head's up on. I couldn't wait to meet her. Folks, let me just say, THE sweetest sweetest pooch ever. She's a rotweiller/shepherd mix, but she's so mini! I leashed her up, we got halfway across the yard, and down she went. Straight onto her back, legs in the air. "RUB MY BELLY NOW!" And that's how we sat the whole time. Just rolling around in the grass, only stopping to give me little smooches. It broke my heart to take her back (and I snuck outside to say goodbye again before I left for the day). I want to just eat her up. And then bring her home with me. Someone I know please adopt her so I can spoil her rotten.

Next up were the two sweetest strays. The first stray looked just like Heidi, but taller and skinnier, so he was obviously a mix. I took him out and he just walked alongside me, so gentle, no pulling, just super mellow. Because he was so mellow, I didn't take him for a ball player, but he led me into the pen and off he went on a mad dash all the heck over the place. And he was a maniac for catch. I love to see them have so much fun. The next stray, who I think is named Lionel, was a rusty-colored golden retriever. He was matted so badly they shaved his body, but they left his head and shaved his tail like a lion, so he looks like a super cute furry lion. Poor guy has heartworms and is in need of a foster home for 30 days to recover. I ran into the volunteer coordinator when I had him and nearly had myself a foster dog. Unfortunately, I don't think Heidi would allow him much relaxation.

For my last walk of the day, I grabbed Mike, a pitt mix. Rachel had raved about him, and Chris (the seemingly 24-7 volunteer dog walker) told me I just had to walk him, so I went and grabbed him. He was so much fun! He'd run around and play, then he'd sit side-by-side with me on the bench, just soaking up the loving and the sun. He's a big solid boy and seems like he'd be a great cuddler. He also has the most amazing man-like (huge) paws, and his fingernails are black and white stripped.

What a day! I can't wait to go back on Monday and hopefully not see all my new friends! :)

PS. Guess what? My camera is magically fixed! My phone call with the Sony guy the other day:
Me: NOTHING works.
Him: Did you try resetting it?
Me (agitated): I did everything. Nothing works.
Him: Did you try turning it on with the viewfinder button?
Me (even more agitated): Yes! Nothing works!

So last night, I'm like, hey, maybe I should actually try turning the camera on with the viewfinder button. And what happened? The damn thing turned on!!! (I STILL want a new camera. Hmph.)

29 August 2007

A Whoopie! Wednesday

It's been a full day today! And Brad is still at his fantasy football "meeting" (I'll just never get it), so I thought I'd sit down with a glass of chocolate soy milk (my new favorite), watch a little Last Comic Standing, and reflect on my day.

First I must say that Heidi and I just had a lovely walk. Although we didn't see her boyfriend, Dodger, she did get Eskimo kisses from a teeeeny miniature toy terrier named Lola.

Remember a few weeks ago when I didn't feel well, and I said the worst thing that could happen to someone like me had happened? When I didn't feel well and didn't want to eat? Well, the other worst thing that could happen happened. My camera broke. As in died. And Brad is making me send it in to get fixed rather than just buying a new one. Silly sensible husband. Luckily for your sake, I remembered we have a web cam, but it's still just not the same. Oh, by the way, Heidi says hi.

Today I finally made it back to the Farmer's Market with Krissy and Bava after a month's absence (mine, not the market's!). I must confess that since I was sick, I've wanted to eat nothing but mac and cheese and cookies. While I haven't totally given in to that, I certainly wasn't eating that great. But today, after going back to the Farmer's Market, I think I'm back on track. Seriously, it was like a completely new market, and it was stuffed to the gills with food, even at noon! The changing of the seasons brings all sorts of goodies, and I was giddy with all the buckets of new peppers. And, of course, one of the vendors said the magic word ("stuff!"), and I wound up with the most adorable bucket of mini (mini mini mini) peppers -- and they're colorful! I can't wait to stuff them with goat cheese. Little pepper poppers!

Today I also made my first trip to Whole Foods -- while I love my little Fresh Season's market, it doesn't have much selection, and it's on the pricier side, so I figured why not? Off I went to Whole Foods... alllllll the way on the other side of town (a rumored second store at "Cranbrook"?? in Ann Arbor is "in development" - fingers crossed!), in traffic, so of course it took forever. But I finally made it and WOW. It was way different than I expected. It was HUGE and super overwhelming and crazy crowded. But they have so much stuff! And so much to choose from. And so many great things for people with gut problems (all sorts of wheat- and gluten-free products). While I actually gasped over the price of organic avocados ($4!!) and the final tally for my 1/4-full grocery cart, I reminded myself that that's just the price you pay for taking good care of yourself and felt a little better. Some other goodies worth noting: super yummy herb turkey lunchmeat (sage, rosemary, etc; I had some with dinner), all-natural gingersnaps, low-fat and natural chewie chocolate cookies, Michigan blueberry wine, and some pesto/sundried tomato pita chips (thanks for the rec., Rachel, they're awesome!). I have mixed feelings (sticker shock, soooo huge and crowded vs organic everything), so we shall see. But I'm glad I finally gave it a try because the store philosophy is definitely one to support. Now I want to go pick up Organic Inc., which I set down about a week ago and haven't gotten back to yet. Tonight might be the night!

PS. I made cous-cous for the first time tonight. So easy, and so tasty! I mixed it with a handful of cherry tomatoes from the Farmer's Market, some Greek olive mix (from the olive salad bar at WF), and some shredded mozzarella. Mmm!

PSS. Back to Whole Foods, I found this really interesting. Down with aspartame! (although the inclusion of fois gras seems kinda random.....)

27 August 2007

East Coast Gangsta

I've made it home safe and sound, well fed and rejuvenated. And already missing Matt and Sara. Those two are so cute, sweet, and constantly cracking me up. I could have spent a week just hanging out in their apartment, sharing recipes with Sara and watching Matt shoot zombies on Xbox. But alas, we did much more than that!

My flight was delayed on Wednesday, so by the time I made it back to Matt and Sara's apartment, it was already going on 11. We hung out and caught up, then turned in early. I had to work the next day, but it was still fun to hang out because both Matt and Sara were home. Sara even made me the most delicious quesedilla lunch. After calling it a day, Sara and I headed into the city for dinner in the North End (my favorite Boston neighborhood!). We had dinner at Giacamos, which is as much of an event as it is a meal (Rachael Ray even went there on $40 a Day). With just a tiny eating area, guests wait in line outside to be let in. Luckily we got in line before it opened and just made the first round of seats. We started with probably the best calamari I've ever had. Then Sara ordered the special -- chicken and goat cheese gnocchi. I ordered the same dish Rachael Ray had, the pumpkin tortellini. Both were just delicious. Mmmmm. Of course, for dessert, we headed down the street for some cannolis from Mike's Pastry. Taking the ferry home to Quincy was the perfect way to end the evening. Somewhere in there, I may or may not have openly, accidentally laughed out loud at a young girl's surprising Boston accent. I also got yelled at on the subway. Sweet.

I had Friday off, so Sara and I roadtripped it to Cape Cod. We took the scenic route, so it was a long drive, but we had the iPod so we rocked out and chatted and enjoyed the scenery. Our first stop was on the ocean side (I wanted waves!), so we went to Marconi Beach on the National Seashore. It was sunny and warm (and we even got a show -- the pilots were practicing for the next day's airshow) and a lovely spot for our picnic, and watching the seals as they hopped around in the war. The current was so strong they weren't allowing swimming, but that was just fine as we nearly froze our feet off just running around in the surf. We decided we wanted to swim, so we packed up and headed back down the Cape, stopping at First Encounter Beach. I mean seriously, how could you drive by that beach and NOT go?

So named because Miles Standish of the Mayflower had his first encounter with the Native Americans on this spot, First Encounter Beach is exactly how I pictured Cape Cod. I could practically see Joey and Pacey running around here. The sun was starting to set, the water was warm, and sandbars carried us out into the middle of the ocean. My favorite moment of the trip was sitting out in the ocean with Sara, bouncing around in the waves. The beach itself was also amazing -- there were tons of little pools where crabs and other creatures scurried around. I was disappointed there were no sticks to poke stuff with, but Sara was nice enough to let me use her keys. The sun started to set, and our stomachs started to rumble, so we headed back home, making a pit stop in Brewster for fried clams at Cobie's.

Saturday we did some more roadtripping, this time with Matt joining us. We headed North toward Maine, again taking the scenic route. We'd read about the best lobster roll in a piece on Maine in Rachael Ray's magazine, so we just had to stop. The best is always good for a first. So in Kennebunkport, we stopped at the Clam Shack, and we weren't disappointed. This is definitely THE way to eat lobster.
I really wanted to see the Maine that I had in my head, so we stopped at Cape Elizabeth, and it didn't disappoint. Exactly how I pictured Maine -- dark, sloping rocks being smashed by rushing waves. There was even a foghorn blowing in the distance. And of course, millions of little tide pools to chase crabs, and we even saw some clams! Next on the list was Portland, a cute beach town similar to Traverse City, but cooler, cause it's on the ocean. We did a little shopping here, then grabbed dinner at Gritty McDuff's (the sole reason Matt joined us, I think. He had to stock up on their beer -- hee hee). I braved the fish and chips and they ended up being super yummy, with a really interesting peppery batter. AND they didn't even upset my stomach. Maine is magic! Then it was time to head back home, making a pit stop in Portsmouth, NH, to buy an Xbox. No sales tax. Score!

Sunday was Sara's birthday. Woohoo! We slept in, then the birthday girl made us super yummy, super fluffy blueberry pancakes (which I topped off with my leftover chocolate chip cannoli from Friday). It was a nice relaxing morning, the perfect end to the perfect trip. Whatdya say everyone? Shall we all move east and join Matt and Sara? :)

25 August 2007

Mainey Maine

Here's a quick peek into our trip to Maine today. Now I want to watch The Fog.


24 August 2007

And the seals were jumpin, jumpin

Just a quick peek into my ocean vacation with Sara!

Marconi Beach on the Atlantic Ocean

First Encounter Beach (no joke) on the Cape

21 August 2007

Olives and capers and nuts oh my!

Just a quick post before I head to Boston tomorrow (I'll have my laptop with me, so don't be surprised if I pop up while I'm gone). But we just had such a lovely dinner that I had to write about it. I picked up some pine nuts on Sunday, so I searched for recipes using "pine nuts" and "pasta." Here's how I mishmashed what I found into my own:

Mmmm-y Pasta

1 package stuffed pasta (I used Ann Arbor-made Pastabilities cheese-stuffed mezzaluna)
3 tbl olive oil
1 splat of butter (2-3 spoonfuls)
3 tbl capers
1 pile of chopped black olives (I picked up a container of fresh olives and cut the flesh off the pits)
Fresh basil, oregano, parsley (I only had fresh oregano, the rest I used dried)
3 oz pine nuts

1. Cook pasta
2. While pasta is cooking, melt butter w/ olive oil in a saute pan
3. Add pine nuts and reduce heat to low; cook until pine nuts start to golden
4. Add spices, capers, and olives; mix and warm
5. Pour nutty sauce over pasta and stir

So easy, but sooooo yummy. LOTS of flavor with the capers and olives. You could make this with regular pasta, too, then just top with fresh grated parm. We ate handfuls of fresh, raw green beans, and topped it off with cherry wine from Traverse City (a bday gift from Amy). A lovely last meal in Michigan. Bon voyage to me.

19 August 2007

Tipsy Tips

As you know, I've been making my best effort to eat better and eat better for the environment. Trying to decide what's more important, organic or local companies? Eating lots of vegetables or supporting Ann Arbor farmers? Money is an issue, too, of course. So these are the things spinning in my brain when I head out for my grocery shopping (especially when I haven't been able to make it to the Farmer's Market in two weeks). I could probably save myself some effort and just go to Whole Foods, but it's on the other side of town and always looks sooooo insane. So what I don't get at the Farmer's Market, I've been splitting between Fresh Seasons Market and Target. Today I paid close enough attention to see what's where, and what is the "better" choice, at least for me, right now.

Fresh Seasons

Guernsey products (milk, ice cream)
-- local (Northville), no organic

Pastabilities (fresh, refrigerated pastas)
-- in Ann Arbor!

Farnsworth Family Farm Bread
-- in Dearborn, uses organic flour

Mamusia's pierogies
-- in Taylor

Solterra wine
-- bottled in Chile but imported through Arbor Beverage Co. in Ann Arbor


Organic milk
-- much cheaper than organic milk at FS; not local

Annie's Homegrown (boxed mac and cheese)
-- organic or natural; much cheaper than at FS

Old Orchard juices
-- local (Sparta, MI)
-- 100% juice, supper yummy, interesting flavors
-- has an organic line (not available at Target, or at least not today)

For more local products, check this website out:
The Directory of Michigan-Made Products

**Not food related, but Target related. In the sample aisle, I found a new style of pill cases. The only ones I've ever found (affordable ones, that is) are totally old lady, especially for the size and amount of pills I need to carry. But for 99 cents each, I got one oval shaped case for AM and PM, pink, with swivel covers for each side (this will work nicely for my huge horse pills); and one mor traditional rectangular one with a box for each day, but it's sleek and curved, and pink, too, of course.

OH. And totally see Superbad.

17 August 2007

Sweet dreams, kitty cat

I never really had pets growing up. I'd have a cat here or a dog there, for a few weeks... Ultimately, they all ended up "running away" to someone else's house when my parents gave them away. Sheesh. So when my mom and Larry moved to Manchester and got two kittens to help with the mice, it was my first time really having a "pet." Solomon was a crazy little kitten, running wild at all hours of the night. I was sad to leave him when I went away to college, but he's always been there to greet me when I return for a visit. I've never known my parents house without him, and I'd come to think of him as invincible. Unfortunately, this was not the case. After a bout with cancer, his heart began to fail, and last night he finally gave up the fight. But he spent his last few hours inside with my mom and Larry, eating some lovely tuna treats and wrapped up in his favorite cozy bed. Rest in peace kitty. We'll miss you.

13 August 2007

Head Cheerleader

It was a little cooler today, so we decided it was time to take Heidi for her first trip to the dog park. Let me just say, our little Heidi is the most popular girl at school. As soon as we got through the gate, those boys were all over her. It's so innappropriate, but what can I say....

It was so sweet to watch Heidi just run run run (when she could get away from her suitors). I wish we had a big backyard for her. And she was so good -- even when the park bully was biting her face, she kept her cool and never even barked.

The Heidis: A pair of classy German ladies

Greasy grimey gopher guts

I have guts on the mind quite often, actually. So obviously, me picking up Stiff isn't that out of character. And it's way more interesting than I even had guessed. Wow, were people nuts. I just finished reading a section about the slice-by-slice dissection of a body, to see all the different rows of guts. What does this sound like? The Body Exhibit!

So I'm reading this as I wait (for an hour) to see my gut doctor this afternoon. He got a good chuckle out of my book, then said, hey, wanna see something cool?

He took me into his office, pulled my file up on his computer, and showed me my full-body x-ray from the CT scan I had last summer. It was my guts! And get this... With a click of the mouse, he could show me layer by layer by layer, just like the Body Exhibit. Hey, there's your spine. Oh, hey, your bladder. Yep, guts! He could also show me layer by layer from the top, like a steak. I saw my disease and everything. It was super super cool. "See that? That's poop!" ha ha. Lovely.

Oh, and I also added two new babies to my collection. I potted tiny marigolds last night. I'll keep you posted on their progress.

11 August 2007

Green babies!

I've been keeping my little guys on the bedroom windowsill, which is our brightest window (also right at Heidi level, so I've had to keep a close eye on them). The directions said to expect sprouts in about two weeks, so I definitely wasn't expecting much when I peeked in on them a few minutes ago. But lo and behold.... We have sprouts! Big sprouts! I actually squealed. I've made life. :)

Back to bed. Word to the wise, don't ever ever do shots of straight well bourbon. After shots of straight well whiskey.

09 August 2007

Young-ish, at least....

Last night Rachel and I had our first meeting with the newly formed and officially official Planned Parenthood Young Leaders committee. I don't think I've ever joined a group before? Go me! ha ha! Anyway, it went really well and sounds like everyone has lots of good ideas.

Turns out, nearly all of PP's support comes from the generations above us, those that know how good us younger generations have it -- have lived through the times when personal choice and options weren't, well, an option. So the goal of this group is to get the young professionals involved -- those of us that are out of college, have started our real adult lives, maybe even started families. We'll help plan the two existing events (beer tasting and dancing!) then try and come up with a third, summer event (ask Rachel about her movie night idea -- awesome!). The point being to make events as fun and social as possible because not only do people our age care (hopefully), they also want to have a good time. No one wants to come back for boring, stuffy events. (I love this -- the Kalamazoo PPYL group has a Wine, Water, and Whoopie event! It's a booze cruise, and they had a sex expert come on board to talk about spicing up your sex life.)

First up is the beer tasting event next month, held at the Arbor Brewing Company. Us volunteers will be on hand to pour beer and hopefully inspire some other folks to join our group. Sounds like it'll be a great time, so as soon as we have invitations, be on the lookout!

Also, think about if you'd be interested in joining the group. Right now there are only five of us, and we'd love to expand (the more the merrier!). No pressure, but think about it, and let me know if you're interested.

07 August 2007

Randomy Random

I finally potted my bday herbs! Think fresh and happy thoughts for my little friends, because we know my history with all things green. The cutie potato is oregano and the other is basil. Mmm. My own fresh basil? What could be better?

Meanwhile, the worst thing that could happen to someone that likes to eat as much as I do has befallen me (okay, not the worst, but you know me and my dramatics). Not sure what's going on--a migraine? A touch of the stomach flu? Meningitis? Either way, I've had a pounding headache since last week, my stomach has felt like just plain yuck for days, and my neck and back are killing me. Almost nothing sounds good to me (my dinner last night was peanut butter and jelly), to the point where everything seems gross... What a bummer way to watch a new, fun episode of Bizarre Foods, too. (This stupidness has even affected the poor pooches -- I felt like such poopaloop last week that I didn't even make it out to do my walking. I'm the worst volunteer ever!)

Somewhat related are my new-ish yucky feelings toward meat. My guts don't allow me to eat red meat, so I've been able to cut that out pretty easily over the past year. Post-pig vertebrae incident last month, pork may be forever ruined for me. And on and off for years, chicken has struck me as gross gross gross. Funny enough, I've never had a problem with lunchmeat or hot dogs. I guess I have gross-out tendencies when what I'm eating looks like what it came from. I even went so far as to get The Idiot's Guide to Being Vegetarian from the library. According to that book, you could call me a semi-vegetarian, but that doesn't seem right, considering my a-ok-ness with hot dogs. We'll see how this one progresses over time.

So right now, while the thought of the beautiful red peppers and spicy jalapenos in my fridge haunt me rather than overjoy me, I'm again having the internal local food/killing the environment battle. NOTHING sounds good right now, except Zingerman's. And by good, I mean it sounds fabulous. I mostly consider Zingerman's one of my "no need to kick yourself over it" places, though -- it's local owned at least, right? :) (And unfortunately, I also know, in detail, how fresh their pigs are.) Anyway, my wonderful husband just went out to pick up some
mac and cheese and cherry pie for me (courtesy of Jason and Krissy! Thanks, guys), and if he doesn't get home soon, I might just gnaw off my finger.

Sidebar: Our very own
Ann Arbor is profiled in the September issue of Every Day With Rachael Ray. Whether you love her or hate her, it's exciting to see our town in the spotlight. The tour guide is none other than Zingerman's Ari Weinzweig. Rock on!

One final last random tidbit--has anyone ever been on a desperate search for the perfect travel journal? I mean come on, they just don't exist!! Either they're totally totally blank or too specific. I was looking for one that is spiral bound, with lots of space for improvisation, but since I like lists, I want to fill stuff out too. I found one that I thought was good, and it was, but it's geared toward just one trip rather than an on-going journal. Last week at Borders, I picked a
new one up, so I'd be ready for my trip to Boston in two weeks. It's not perfect--it's missing "fill me in" sections--but it has inserts for, well, inserting items; it's spiral bound; and it has lots and lots of lined pages. I think I can make it work.

Okay, time to eat!!!

05 August 2007

More Fiesta, Ole!

I felt crappy all weekend, but almost nothing comes between me and a good meal. (As I type, Heidi just jumped on the counter and inhaled a huge tortilla. Nice.) All my veggies have served us well, and we've been eating like veggie kings for days (minus date night last night, when we had some lovely processed food at Conor's).

I always forget how lovely orzo is, but Friday I pulled out a 2/3 full box of it and decided to mix up some simple pasta. I diced peppers, squash, and green beans and tossed them and the cooked orzo in a white wine sauce, with a little mozzarella and black basil (how cool! tastes basically the same as normal basil) thrown in. So simple, and so yummy. I ate the rest for lunch today.

Right now I'm cooking up another Mexican fiesta. I immediately snatched up some poblano peppers when I popped in to the Thursday market, and I've been waiting all weekend to do something with them. I only bought two, so I needed to be creative for a full meal!

Mexican Fiesta*

2 poblano peppers (more heat than you may be expecting)
2 cans pinto beans
2 jalapenos
1 red pepper
1 tomato
1/2 yellow squash
Chihuahua cheese
Mozzarella cheese
1 cup cooked rice

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

While rice is cooking, dice up veggies. I simmered the beans (1 can drained, 1 can with liquid) and dropped in the veggies as I went along. Once the veggies and beans were all mixed, I dropped in some fresh basil, sprinkled some cumin and pepper, crumbled the Chihuahua cheese in, and kept it on simmer until the rice was done. Then I mixed 'em all together in a big pot.

Cut little hats off the tops of the peppers and remove the seeds. Stuff 'em full, toothpick them closed, and drop a few tablespoons of salsa on top (I used leftover homemade salsa I had on hand). Then pop them in the oven in a baking dish. I cooked mine for 20 minutes, but I should have cooked them closer to 30 (the poblanos were still pretty crispy).

What to do with all the leftover goo? Why, make burritos! Once the peppers were done, I plated them with a large, leftover-goo-stuffed burrito and topped them with a little shredded mozzarella.

The best part is that there are tons of leftovers for more burritos tomorrow night.

*Beware... Brad had instant heartburn. "I can't feel my lips or my tongue!"

03 August 2007

Make a Wish!

Last night, Birgit, Krissy, and I went to see Sunshine, so space and stars been on my mind. What are the odds then tonight, when Brad and I took Heidi on her quick bedtime stroll, within five minutes of each other both saw a shooting star!? That's gotta be double good luck, right?

Sleep tight everyone.

01 August 2007

Franks and beans!

Today was market day, so I had to add another quick blog. I met up with Krissy and Bava, despite the blistering heat (poor K&B must have been dying, all smooshed up together!), with Sara's tomatillo salsa recipe on my mind. Unfortunately, no dice. Also no dice on red peppers, and I've been thinking about my red pepper from last week for days. Bummer. I did get the normal goodies, though, including a pint of jalapenos. I also picked up two purple peppers, just because. They're pretty!

I decided to make Sara's rice and beans receipe for dinner, even though I couldn't make the salsa, since I had fresh tomatoes and peppers. I had to make a few substitutions, though, because I didn't feel like going back out. :) Instead of chipotle peppers, I used jalapeno. Obviously, I left the garlic out, and skipped the celery as well. I couldn't find fresh cilantro so I used dry, but other than that, it's all Sara. I sprinkled it with a little chihuaha cheese (Rachel's potluck cheese from Sat!), and we dug in.

Of course, it was super yummy (even Brad liked it, who hates when I make red beans and rice), and luckily I have enough left over for lunch yesterday. I'm especially a fan of the hint of lime flavor, and I didn't even think I liked lime. But it was a perfect contrast to the beans. Guess I shouldn't have been such a lime hater!

Now it's time for some vanilla ice cream with piles of fresh blueberries.

EuroTrip 07 Update

Our Paris hotel has fleas! Brad's been watching the reviews on Trip Advisor, and over the past week, TWO people have commented that they got fleas at Hotel Mayet. Guess we'll be cancelling that reservation!

A Little Respect

Just a quick note to say, wow, Erasure rules. Ha ha. :) Even though we didn't know most of the songs, it was still so much fun to watch such a great show and see the audience go nuts. And everyone was getting down -- young, old.... There were a few kids, lots of older folks... Everyone was rocking out.

I'd go see them again any day. And just so you can share the joy...

Watch closely for B&B cameos!