17 August 2007

Sweet dreams, kitty cat

I never really had pets growing up. I'd have a cat here or a dog there, for a few weeks... Ultimately, they all ended up "running away" to someone else's house when my parents gave them away. Sheesh. So when my mom and Larry moved to Manchester and got two kittens to help with the mice, it was my first time really having a "pet." Solomon was a crazy little kitten, running wild at all hours of the night. I was sad to leave him when I went away to college, but he's always been there to greet me when I return for a visit. I've never known my parents house without him, and I'd come to think of him as invincible. Unfortunately, this was not the case. After a bout with cancer, his heart began to fail, and last night he finally gave up the fight. But he spent his last few hours inside with my mom and Larry, eating some lovely tuna treats and wrapped up in his favorite cozy bed. Rest in peace kitty. We'll miss you.

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Rachel said...

What a way to go! Tuna treats and love. We should all be so lucky. :) May he be roaming freely in kitty heaven. We'll have to stop by the kitty room Monday and send some love out to other kitties in his name. ;)