31 August 2011

Summertime and the livin is easy.

Next week mark's our one-year houseaversary. Unbelievable. It feels like just yesterday we were falling in love with our new little house, but life here is such a perfect fit that it feels like we've been here forever. I can hardly remember our house like this: one year ago.

And while we still likely have a handful of good beach days left, Labor Day is upon us, marking the official end of the summer season. I know I've been singing its praises for months now, but I can't tell you how much we've enjoyed our first summer here. Swimming, sanding, sunning, walking, biking, antiquing, drinks-with-friendsing, and, even, country clubbing. Until next year, summer, you'll never be far from my memory.

For nostalgia's sake, a few of my favorite summer scenes...

Beautiful aunties on the beach.

Beautiful toes with Melissa.

Lisa and Birgit visit for my bday. Birgit can't find a snowsuit, so towels suffice. ;)

Mr. Cool.

Birthday dingleberries with my princess.

Ferris wheel beach view.

My favorite onepointfive-year-old and my favorite five-year-old.

Baby's first beach.

World's cutest pooches.

 Havin' the most fun.

Beachin' with my sweetie.

Saturday Brad and I head even farther west for a road trip on the Pacific Northwest. Stay tuned for tales of the road (assuming we don't get eaten by a bear!).

03 August 2011

There will be weiners.

So far, 33 feels much like 32. So that's good. And I have lots of fond birthday memories to reflect upon, so that's good, too.

I spent my actual birthday much like I spent my 32nd birthday. Last year, though, I was just here visiting Brad, who was already living here. He had to work, so I walked around town, window shopped, and had lunch at Tosi's. This year, we live here (yeah!) and I rode my birthday gift into town...

World's sweetest Schwinn cruiser.

After a quick polish change and an iced coffee, I sat on the bluff for a bit while I waited for Brad to join me.

Party girl purple.

Just like last year, I decided on Tosi's for lunch. I went with a different sandwich, though - pesto and mozzarella, and a Dang! soda instead of a Coke.

After lunch, I had some work-from-home work to do, then Brad and I headed south to have my second annual birthday dinner at Brewster's in New Buffalo.

I went with the same cocktail, an Old Fashioned (like me, hehe), but chose the pasta dish (last year I chose the seafood dish) - homemade tortellini and roasted tomatoes in oil. MMM. Unfortunately, it was way too heavy on the garlic so I tried not to eat too much (still got a stomachache - boo!), but it was super tasty (and the leftovers still tasted delicious, cold even). Brad got spaghetti and meatballs. I was secretly jealous.


On the way home, I convinced Brad to pull in to Warren Dunes State Park so we could peek at the setting sun and the dunes. And then a vicious attack bee flew at me and stung me right on the knuckle! Ass bee.

Side note: I have only ever been stung by a bee twice in my life. BOTH times were on my birthday. Luckily, this time it wasn't on my butt.

The weekend eventually rolled in, and in with it, some lovely ladies from the east! Birgit and Lisa S. both came to visit, and to celebrate, we ordered La Perla take out. Another side note: I know I've been away most of the summer, and La Perla is a recent discovery. It's a Mexican grocery store in Benton Harbor, and they have a little food counter that makes the most amazing Mexican. It is GOOD stuff.

After some eating and walking to town and ice creaming and sunset viewing, we hit the hay, waking up bright and early Saturday for some donuts and birthday beach time. Emily and her beau, Paul, eventually joined us, and a good time was had by all.

THEN, it was time for weiners. Veggie and Vienna dogs for everyone! And inappropriate music, most likely played too loud when one has such young little neighbors.... "Chopsticks, only!"

So we could stop annoying the neighbors, we made a short trip over to the Boat House, another recent discovery. It's a dirty little bar in town, but it's in the marina so it's right on the water, which I love. So we had a seat outside, drank a few drinks, and got harassed by Party Marty, who nearly plowed his boat right through the dock.

Thanks to everyone who sent so much love my way. xo