02 December 2013

Running full.

I am the worst blogger ever! Rest assured, I've been staying true to my life's work (eating and drinking) in the interim. Luckily, I've also been doing a lot of running.

Hillary and I scored these sweet twin shirts at the outlet mall a few weeks ago for THREE DOLLARS AND SEVENTY ONE CENTS.

I've finally begun to find my groove with this running thing and it's more of a pleasure and less of a struggle - at least most days. I have decided winter running is the key. You can always warm up, but in the dead of summer.... it's just.... not easy. I even braved the snow and ice Thanksgiving morning for my first true winter run and I have to admit - it was kind of amazing.

Let's do this!

Town was completely deserted, everything was silent except for the lake. (I went headphone-less in my nervousness - I thought it'd keep me better tuned into my feet and less likely to wind up on my butt.) I felt like I could have run forever. With scenery like this, what's not to love?

I am pleased to also report that all my work has paid off - I ran with Hillary tonight for the first time in months, a smidge over 3 miles, and, while I have a slower pace, it was almost easy.... and I was even able to talk, and made it up the death hill. I felt like a freakin' champ. Sending lots of love Hillary's way for being a constant source of motivation and support. Smooch.

But the food.... always the food... especially for a holiday like Thanksgiving. Stuffing and tofurkey and mashed potatoes, oh my! (I made this stuffing this year and it. was. amazing.)

And the drink..... I don't drink a lot, don't get me wrong, but I like to drink a little, a lot... especially with so much good stuff surrounding us here in sw Michigan.... What started as a lunch date Friday afternoon turned into a booze tour of sorts, and it was awesome.

Cable cars and old fashioneds at Journeyman.

Beer flight at Tapistry.

AND NOW..... it's almost Christmas! HOOOORAY!

Coming soon.... Christmas Vacation movie party. Third annual cookie party. Somerville Christmas. Holiday Inn and It's a Wonderful Life. I can barely contain myself.