30 July 2008

Brutal birthday.

Ok friends, I swear I have a real post coming soon! In the meantime, take a peek at the AWESOME movie Rachel and Jason made. Who gets a movie made for them for their birthday?!?? I am so honored and lucky to have such great friends. I seriously am still speechless.

27 July 2008

Taquitos taquitos.

Just a quick post to say, basically, I am speechless. What a night. Seriously. I have the best friends a girl could ever even dream of, and I had the best 30th birthday party ever planned. My heart is bursting with oodles of love hugs. Smoosh.

26 July 2008

Never too old for Juicy Juice.

Update: I've made it a full two weeks without soda! Well, in one of my weaker "I have a pounding headache and am going to die" moments I broke down and had a Diet Pepsi. But I don't like diet soda, so... it didn't count. (And thanks to Birgy for seeing me with said soda and gasping and immediatly confiscating, thinking it was non-diet.) I've also went two weeks without any fast food -- just pizza twice and a Hungry Howie's sub once. I said by my birthday I hoped to have made a good dent in my eating habits, and I must say I'm pretty pleased with myself. Next week it's back on the exercise (groan) horse -- even have a walking date set with Kristal!

On that note, onto birthday celebrations, and birthday celebrations means lots of yummy bday food. So perhaps not the healthiest.... but delicious and better than Taco Bell! And I must say, while I write this, I am bubbling over with excitement and anticipation for my surprise birthday party tonight. I cannot wait to see what Rachel has cooked up!!! You're the best, Rachey Rachey Pants! And thanks to everyone who helped keep all the fun details a surprise -- I love a good surprise!!

Yesterday, me, Birgit, Lisa Z, and Kate had a pre-birthday pool party, and it was the most beautiful day. Extra special thanks to Hannah Montana for keeping our bootleg Sangria nice and cool. And thanks to our respective (however potentially hated) bosses for oh-so-wonderful summer Friday half-days.

Once we were sufficiently fried, it was time for Zingerman's mac and cheese. Mmmmmmmm. And thanks, Zing, for the free peice of key lime pie. Double mmm.

Nothing like a little mac n cheese a la Segrams.

Thanks for a lovely day, ladies!

After my no-sleep night on Thursday, and what is sure to be a wild and crazy night tonight, I was happy to retire on the early side... So I could get up today and hit the Saturday farmer's market after a many-week absence. Luckily, the vendor a few weeks ago was wrong about the cherries -- they were everywhere! I was so excited. I also couldn't resist the cutie little brussel sprouts -- not sure what I'll do with them, but man am I sucker for cute and mini. Oh yeah, and some green beans for us, and the pooches (their fave!). And, of course, I spent too much at the cheese booth, but I simply could no longer resist the salmon cream cheese. Mmmm. Funny, I couldn't be more disinterested in cooked salmon, but anything raw or smoked I am all over. Delish.

19 July 2008


It's been nearly a whole week, and I am soda free!!! I think I'm going to need to become a regular coffee drinker, as I just can't handle the blinding withdrawl headaches. But nonetheless, I am quite pleased with my progress. Didn't have even a hint of fast food this week, either. Despite a few trips down meat-on-a-stick heaven during art fair. That being said... I still love me some greasy spoon diner food!

Today, we headed up north to visit dad in Saginaw. And to celebrate what is likely our second-to-last trip to Sagnasty EVER... we grabbed a delicious greasy lunch at Tony's. Brad decided on the Original Tony burger, dad got the spaghetti and meatballs, and somehow I ended up with THREE eggs. And I ate every last bit. Sidenote: I did NOT eat the pound of bacon they gave me. Bloody hell!

So anyway, this week was all about the Art Fair. And although us townies for the most part bemoan stupid ole Art Fair, I volunteered to help out at non-profit booths for two nights. As per usual, the hottest days of the summer fell for the fair, and Kate and I nearly melted during our shift at the Planned Parenthood booth on Wednesday. I must confess I was a little nervous about this one, as I crumble upon confrontation. Luckily, no one gave us any crap, and we provided many local teens and college kids with dum dums and condoms. We were even able to dole out some advice to two college boys who expressed concern for "their friend" who prefers quantity over quality. And the moment I was dreading all evening... an eight-year-old boy pointed at the bowl of condoms and said "what are those?" Gulp. I deflected. "Those are for big kids!" Sheesh!

Thursday it was a shift at the Humane Society booth with Lisa Z. Our fearless HSHV leader Kelly was there, as were two other volunteers. We had a blast coming up with "unconventional" ways to get donations, deciding that our booth would be much better with jell-o shots. Stay tuned next year...

Our plastic dog was quite popular...

Um... Who names these cats?!

Shirts, anyone?

Good fake doggie!

We were next to the greyhound rescue booth, so we met lots 'o pooches.

Ugh. The view from our booth.

Finally, a quick note to say... Our little Georgie is FIFTY-ONE POUNDS!!! What a big boy. :) Can hardly remember his first days with us, when he was barely 14 pounds. We heart you, Georgie porg!

Gimmie that food!

15 July 2008

She's my cherry pie.

Update: Two days off soda and fast food! I wish I could say I feel like a million bucks, but I'm still getting myself resettled with my pills AND I have a killer caffeine headache. BUT I know I'll feel better soon. Woot!

Anyway... Enough moping. Time to get back to business! Let's travel back to last Monday afternoon, when Lisa Z. and I hit Afternoon Delight's 30th Birthday Lunch -- 1978 menu, 1978 prices. You can't go wrong, right?

After years of being picky picky picky, I try really hard to be adventurous. So when I saw the turf and surf roll on the 1978 menu last month when I first found out about the whole deal, I knew I had to have it. Lisa ordered the Swiss, avocado, veggies, and sprouts sandwich. Neither of us could resist $1.75 for a large fruit milkshake either, me the strawberry blush, Lisa the orange citrus. With my sandwich the most expensive on the menu, my bill came to a whopping $5.64 (approximately... bad memory, you know).


As badly as I wanted to come back with a glowing recommendation for the turf and surf, I must admit defeat. I ate most of it... On first bite, it tasted interesting. Few more bites, ok, this isn't so bad. But then it started to taste really fake crabby. And tinny. I left the last few nibbles on my plate and attacked my (melted -- damn long line!) milkshake, which was adequately yummy. It was lovely to dine with the always lovely Lisa, and I was super glad I'd ventured out for the special occasion. Alas, as soon as I got home, the ohhhhhnooooooowhatdidIdoooooooooooo belly ache kicked in. UGH. Note to reader: roast beef does not mix with fake crab.

Fast forward to Thursday, when I finally had the chance to hit up the Farmer's Market -- goat cheese was on a two for $10 special. Score!! (....and we've had goat cheese for every meal since I think!) I also FINALLY found my cherries. I did a little dance (in my head). But was so very saddened to hear that it was probably the end of the cherries. WHAT?! I finally find them, and that's it? I guess it wasn't a very good year for cherries. They weren't even that beautiful or delicious. But I took 'em and have been gobbling them up since. I also got my first pint of blueberries, which I am finding very tasty (the pooches are, too!). I took a chance and picked up some zucchini blossoms, too.

Birgit joined me for dinner on Thursday, and I decided to do something with the blossoms. Why, stuff them with goat cheese, of course! Here they are, all stuffed and ready for battering and frying. Note, the egg? Flour? RIGHT THERE....

Here's my first batch of blossoms. In the oil. NOT BATTERED. What an idiot! HA! But it's my first time, right? It's ok to mess it up! :) (...even if said battering resources were inches away...)

Second round? Much better.

The finished product... At least we had four tasty blossoms!

Thanks for being my guinea pig, Birgy. (Luckily, we had leftover pizza as a backup plan....)


14 July 2008


Just an official written record... Today re-starts my "new woman" quest. Must quit the soda, the fast food, start exercising. I got off to a good start last week, but I think I'm comfortable admitting defeat with how the week progressed. Unfortunately, Saginaw has nothing to offer except McDonald's and Burger King. And don't worry, I'm paying the price. Between all the gross food, the driving, the ups and downs, forgetting to take my pills, I am a wreck today. Here I come, boring ice water.

13 July 2008


I keep thinking I should post, as I have a lot to say and think about after the up and down emotional week I just had. But I'm finding I don't have the energy to do so or the right words to express anything. So instead I defer to Sara, who just posted about our road trip. It was exactly what I needed to read and see right now, and it gave me many o'smiles. Thanks for the cheer, Sara, and while I'm putting my shit back together, everyone take a read and travel back to June with us.....

06 July 2008

Soda jerk.

It's funny because I really like good food. I like expensive ingredients and fresh, seasonal produce. I like going to restaurants and trying new things. I like having dinner parties and fiddling with recipes. So why is it that I cannot end my love affair with soda? Break free from the taunt of Taco Bell? My crap indulgences, once few and far between, have taken over my life lately... Even amidst all the wonderfulness spring and now summer have to offer, and the screams from my poor belly that just can't handle even that rare cheeseburger. Hell, I've hardly even taken full advantage of the Farmer's Market. But do I have nacho cheese in my fridge right now? You bet your ass I do. I said it a few months ago and now I'm saying it again. I need to clean up my act, or else I'm in danger of losing whatever tiny shred of food snob status I may have snagged for myself (and, the whole, don'tfitinpants thing). So here it is my friends, with this salad and fruit lunch... my solemn vow -- by my 30th birthday, I'll be a new woman! If I haven't made some strides, I hereby give you full permission to give me a (little) smack. Wish me luck!

Now that that is taken care of, it would be a shame not to note the lovely, friend- and family-filled week I've had. Wednesday my California relatives were in town, and, joined by the always awesome Aunt Sandy, I spent the evening with Aunt Karen and my cutie pants cousin Alex, who, at 14, towers over me by what seems like a foot. Friday, my California friends made their way down to AA, and thus commenced BBQ Danceparty 08. Me, Birgit, and Brad got the day started right with a few delicious drinks around 12:30. Melissa and Shawn arrived around 2:30, where we killed the rest of the drinks, some nachos, and fired up the grill (I did make it to the market last Wednesday and was able to make a yummy all-local, vegan salad and a plate full of local grilled veggies). After a several-hour reprise in the AC for some Dazed and Confused (ok, and a little Buck Angel, too) and a few naps, we made a quick trip to the liquor store and hit the deck just in time for our own personal fireworks show. Not sure where they came from, but they were pretty impressive and went on for at least a half-hour. While poor George wasn't a fan, it made the evening festive and provided the perfect jumpstart for a little running man, ass shaking, and all around annoying the neighbors with '90s hip hop. After recovering the next day, there was pool time with Kate and Birgit, followed by a delicious-as-always meal at Prickly Pear. Today, I figured my skin needed a breather, so I've been taking in some reading in the shade while the pooches cautiously navitage their just-filled-up pool. Sigh. Why does the weekend ever have to end???

PS You'd be best off avoiding our Omen-esque backyard for a while. Thank you, latest wicked storm.