30 July 2008

Brutal birthday.

Ok friends, I swear I have a real post coming soon! In the meantime, take a peek at the AWESOME movie Rachel and Jason made. Who gets a movie made for them for their birthday?!?? I am so honored and lucky to have such great friends. I seriously am still speechless.


Sara said...

Speechless too! So cool. Loved it all, but Don's part was particularly funny. And Krissy's limbs in the dirt. Matt adds that he hearts Brad the actor. :)

queen b said...

heehee...we had fun making it, too! you know how i had syrup all over my face? well...we had to do a reshoot and the only time jason could do it was sytycd premiere night, which i knew i couldn't blow off without suspicion. so we filmed really quickly, but the syrup got in my eye and turned it red! like, bright red! remember how i showed up late? and my face was blotchy? and i was wearing my glasses? yeah...because i was in the shower scrubbing the red from my face and eyeball. the things we do for our friends, eh?