14 July 2008


Just an official written record... Today re-starts my "new woman" quest. Must quit the soda, the fast food, start exercising. I got off to a good start last week, but I think I'm comfortable admitting defeat with how the week progressed. Unfortunately, Saginaw has nothing to offer except McDonald's and Burger King. And don't worry, I'm paying the price. Between all the gross food, the driving, the ups and downs, forgetting to take my pills, I am a wreck today. Here I come, boring ice water.


Lady Lisa said...

you should totally go buy a cute ice cube tray. You'll feel so much happier about drinking water if there are cute things floating in it! Or try a lime wedge. I'm rooting for you lady!

Alison said...

Ugh, I know how you feel. Traveling wreaks havoc on the diet. I've been living on pizza, diet coke and chicken sandwiches for the past two weeks, and I feel awful!