26 July 2008

Never too old for Juicy Juice.

Update: I've made it a full two weeks without soda! Well, in one of my weaker "I have a pounding headache and am going to die" moments I broke down and had a Diet Pepsi. But I don't like diet soda, so... it didn't count. (And thanks to Birgy for seeing me with said soda and gasping and immediatly confiscating, thinking it was non-diet.) I've also went two weeks without any fast food -- just pizza twice and a Hungry Howie's sub once. I said by my birthday I hoped to have made a good dent in my eating habits, and I must say I'm pretty pleased with myself. Next week it's back on the exercise (groan) horse -- even have a walking date set with Kristal!

On that note, onto birthday celebrations, and birthday celebrations means lots of yummy bday food. So perhaps not the healthiest.... but delicious and better than Taco Bell! And I must say, while I write this, I am bubbling over with excitement and anticipation for my surprise birthday party tonight. I cannot wait to see what Rachel has cooked up!!! You're the best, Rachey Rachey Pants! And thanks to everyone who helped keep all the fun details a surprise -- I love a good surprise!!

Yesterday, me, Birgit, Lisa Z, and Kate had a pre-birthday pool party, and it was the most beautiful day. Extra special thanks to Hannah Montana for keeping our bootleg Sangria nice and cool. And thanks to our respective (however potentially hated) bosses for oh-so-wonderful summer Friday half-days.

Once we were sufficiently fried, it was time for Zingerman's mac and cheese. Mmmmmmmm. And thanks, Zing, for the free peice of key lime pie. Double mmm.

Nothing like a little mac n cheese a la Segrams.

Thanks for a lovely day, ladies!

After my no-sleep night on Thursday, and what is sure to be a wild and crazy night tonight, I was happy to retire on the early side... So I could get up today and hit the Saturday farmer's market after a many-week absence. Luckily, the vendor a few weeks ago was wrong about the cherries -- they were everywhere! I was so excited. I also couldn't resist the cutie little brussel sprouts -- not sure what I'll do with them, but man am I sucker for cute and mini. Oh yeah, and some green beans for us, and the pooches (their fave!). And, of course, I spent too much at the cheese booth, but I simply could no longer resist the salmon cream cheese. Mmmm. Funny, I couldn't be more disinterested in cooked salmon, but anything raw or smoked I am all over. Delish.


Sara said...

Tried feeding Kaia green beans twice today - raw and cooked with butter. No go. The puppy girl does not like her vegetables.

Hope you're having a blast right now watching horror movies and boozing it up as a princess. ;) Wish we were there and not surrounded by moving boxes!

queen b said...

Hey baby...I have loved every moment of your birthday weekend! I hope you liked your surprise birthday horror flick!

Lady Lisa said...

Damn girl, your market bounty looks fabulous! I simply must make it to the market on Wednesday now...