19 July 2008


It's been nearly a whole week, and I am soda free!!! I think I'm going to need to become a regular coffee drinker, as I just can't handle the blinding withdrawl headaches. But nonetheless, I am quite pleased with my progress. Didn't have even a hint of fast food this week, either. Despite a few trips down meat-on-a-stick heaven during art fair. That being said... I still love me some greasy spoon diner food!

Today, we headed up north to visit dad in Saginaw. And to celebrate what is likely our second-to-last trip to Sagnasty EVER... we grabbed a delicious greasy lunch at Tony's. Brad decided on the Original Tony burger, dad got the spaghetti and meatballs, and somehow I ended up with THREE eggs. And I ate every last bit. Sidenote: I did NOT eat the pound of bacon they gave me. Bloody hell!

So anyway, this week was all about the Art Fair. And although us townies for the most part bemoan stupid ole Art Fair, I volunteered to help out at non-profit booths for two nights. As per usual, the hottest days of the summer fell for the fair, and Kate and I nearly melted during our shift at the Planned Parenthood booth on Wednesday. I must confess I was a little nervous about this one, as I crumble upon confrontation. Luckily, no one gave us any crap, and we provided many local teens and college kids with dum dums and condoms. We were even able to dole out some advice to two college boys who expressed concern for "their friend" who prefers quantity over quality. And the moment I was dreading all evening... an eight-year-old boy pointed at the bowl of condoms and said "what are those?" Gulp. I deflected. "Those are for big kids!" Sheesh!

Thursday it was a shift at the Humane Society booth with Lisa Z. Our fearless HSHV leader Kelly was there, as were two other volunteers. We had a blast coming up with "unconventional" ways to get donations, deciding that our booth would be much better with jell-o shots. Stay tuned next year...

Our plastic dog was quite popular...

Um... Who names these cats?!

Shirts, anyone?

Good fake doggie!

We were next to the greyhound rescue booth, so we met lots 'o pooches.

Ugh. The view from our booth.

Finally, a quick note to say... Our little Georgie is FIFTY-ONE POUNDS!!! What a big boy. :) Can hardly remember his first days with us, when he was barely 14 pounds. We heart you, Georgie porg!

Gimmie that food!


the two of us said...

sounds like summer in ann arbor is treating you well!! that does look like a ton of bacon! yikes!

queen b said...

Hooray for papa moving to town! And go George!

Lady Lisa said...

So, what's up with George looking entirely like a German Shepard in this picture? Have you ever figured out what breed he actually is? Hmmmmm, bacon. I had bacon this weekend too, but not a darn 1/2 lb! Just in a BLT, yummy.

Sara said...

Good news about no more Saginaw! Love the view from your booth shot. haha. And yeah for Georgie!