15 July 2008

She's my cherry pie.

Update: Two days off soda and fast food! I wish I could say I feel like a million bucks, but I'm still getting myself resettled with my pills AND I have a killer caffeine headache. BUT I know I'll feel better soon. Woot!

Anyway... Enough moping. Time to get back to business! Let's travel back to last Monday afternoon, when Lisa Z. and I hit Afternoon Delight's 30th Birthday Lunch -- 1978 menu, 1978 prices. You can't go wrong, right?

After years of being picky picky picky, I try really hard to be adventurous. So when I saw the turf and surf roll on the 1978 menu last month when I first found out about the whole deal, I knew I had to have it. Lisa ordered the Swiss, avocado, veggies, and sprouts sandwich. Neither of us could resist $1.75 for a large fruit milkshake either, me the strawberry blush, Lisa the orange citrus. With my sandwich the most expensive on the menu, my bill came to a whopping $5.64 (approximately... bad memory, you know).


As badly as I wanted to come back with a glowing recommendation for the turf and surf, I must admit defeat. I ate most of it... On first bite, it tasted interesting. Few more bites, ok, this isn't so bad. But then it started to taste really fake crabby. And tinny. I left the last few nibbles on my plate and attacked my (melted -- damn long line!) milkshake, which was adequately yummy. It was lovely to dine with the always lovely Lisa, and I was super glad I'd ventured out for the special occasion. Alas, as soon as I got home, the ohhhhhnooooooowhatdidIdoooooooooooo belly ache kicked in. UGH. Note to reader: roast beef does not mix with fake crab.

Fast forward to Thursday, when I finally had the chance to hit up the Farmer's Market -- goat cheese was on a two for $10 special. Score!! (....and we've had goat cheese for every meal since I think!) I also FINALLY found my cherries. I did a little dance (in my head). But was so very saddened to hear that it was probably the end of the cherries. WHAT?! I finally find them, and that's it? I guess it wasn't a very good year for cherries. They weren't even that beautiful or delicious. But I took 'em and have been gobbling them up since. I also got my first pint of blueberries, which I am finding very tasty (the pooches are, too!). I took a chance and picked up some zucchini blossoms, too.

Birgit joined me for dinner on Thursday, and I decided to do something with the blossoms. Why, stuff them with goat cheese, of course! Here they are, all stuffed and ready for battering and frying. Note, the egg? Flour? RIGHT THERE....

Here's my first batch of blossoms. In the oil. NOT BATTERED. What an idiot! HA! But it's my first time, right? It's ok to mess it up! :) (...even if said battering resources were inches away...)

Second round? Much better.

The finished product... At least we had four tasty blossoms!

Thanks for being my guinea pig, Birgy. (Luckily, we had leftover pizza as a backup plan....)



Lady Lisa said...

Man, that citrus milkshake was a blast to my Orange Julius past, and was it ever tasty. So was my sandwich for the most part, although it was some spicy guac, which I hadn't anticipated. Hmmm, blueberries. I can't wait for Farmer's market next week! And way to go on the blossoms, they look pretty tasty, and I'm sure they inspired Birg for her MidSummer Night Bash. :-)

Sara said...

Oh, I want to try fried up squash blossoms stuffed with cheese! I've got boring old squash to do something with. haha. My summer doesn't feel quite complete without some Michigan cherries. Glad you got one batch!

Alison said...

Wow...those look awesome. I'm so inspired by your culinary creativity.