02 August 2008

Now who wants to go to Danny's?

It's the one-week anniversary of my amazing zombie surprise party, and I've had the week to reflect on the awesomeness of the party, and the awesomeness of my friends. It was so amazing to be surrounded by all (well, most!) of my friends, all dressed up, all there to help me ring in the next decade of my life. Rachel, there are just no words. At least not enough words. My eternal love, babes.

And Jason, man, in on the sneakiness all along. Makin' movies with Rachel... Amazing. Have I said amazing enough yet? Amazing.

And to everyone else, love love love. Times ten! Times a hundred! I seriously have the best friends in the world. I am a lucky, lucky girl.

A special thanks to that sneaky husband of mine, who tells me everything but somehow managed to keep the whole movie a secret, even whilst filming in our house, in our bed. Who knew you could do it, babe? :)

Monday rolled around, and I was 30 for real. I had a mini panic late Sunday night. I decided to take Monday off, so hecks yeah I was staying up late on Sunday. I started to think, "Crap. should I have done X today?" and "Uh-oh! Should I be doing X now?" Luckily it passed, and thanks to those of you who were up late and counted down the minutes with me ("14 more to go!"). Midnight came and went and I didn't feel any different. Hmmm.

First order of business as a 30-year-old... Get a delicious breakfast. Meggie was still in town, so we met up at Afternoon Delight. I've been mad craving this dish since I finished it. Smoked salmon eggs Benedict (minus the sauce). Definitely easy enough to recreate, and I will be buying the items the next time I hit the grocery store. YUM.

And of course we weren't about to pass up free birthday frozen yogurt. With sprinkles.

Next order of business, shopping (hello, new Ted Bundy cereal bowls!) and trying to sneak our way closer to the movie set set up downtown. What a better way to spend the afternoon of your 30th birthday than getting yelled at by PAs and security guards? "Where are you going?" "You can't cross there!" "You're going to have to move." Awesome.

The fakeout movie sausage shop. Darn it.


Nothing like a day of nonstop eating... Dinner time, time to head to Grizzly Peak. Finally, a chance to check out the Fire and Ice specials I wrote about a few weeks. Well, at least my drinks were tasty. :) And the company was fantastic!!

My mom is an amazing gift giver. Not that it's about gifts. But she always surprises me with her keen sense of gift awesomeness, and thoughtfulness. Thanks mucho much mommy dear! Among other special treats were a photo album, organized in chronological order, of baby and family pics, a pile of birthday cards I'd received between 3 and 6 or so, and a stack of stories I'd written and pictures I'd painted as a youngster. I'm so glad my mom hung on to this stuff, and it made the day that much more special.

Stephaniepalooza, as Brad coined it with a roll of the eyes, took a break until Thursday when it was time for birthday Mexican dinner with Aunt Sandy at our place (some jerks had taken our table!). That Sandy and Danny! They greeted me with a beautiful bouquet, and handed me a bag of... ones! And each bill was wrapped with a pink bow and a little tag, with a quality of mine they like. AWW! Seriously? So cute! So sweet! Again, I am simply too lucky.

...I guess turning 30 isn't all bad. :)

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Lady Lisa said...

You are one lucky Lady! And can I just say, I'm soooo stealing that rolled up dolla dolla billz idea y'all? How cute!