25 August 2008

Terrible twos.

Happy 2nd birthday to our Heidi pooch! Hard to believe she's been with us for two years now, but also hard to believe she's only been with us for two years. She's queen diva maniac, for sure, but we love her to death. Smoosh smoosh!

To celebrate, I took Heidi on a treat-gathering mission at Pet Supplies Plus because they have treats at doggie level so she could pick out her own treats (and shoplift a few in the meantime). I think she had fun. :)

Why are we still sitting in the parking lot? Let's GO!



Satisfied. For the moment...

Gimmie your tots.


queen b said...

She was so darn cute when she was little!!!

Rachel said...

Two years, two floors.... ;) Here's to many more, Heidleburger. Lots of cheeky love!

Lady Lisa said...

OMG. cutest lab pup. ever. How did you not gobble her up yourself when she was so young? Happy Bday Heidi!