01 August 2007

Franks and beans!

Today was market day, so I had to add another quick blog. I met up with Krissy and Bava, despite the blistering heat (poor K&B must have been dying, all smooshed up together!), with Sara's tomatillo salsa recipe on my mind. Unfortunately, no dice. Also no dice on red peppers, and I've been thinking about my red pepper from last week for days. Bummer. I did get the normal goodies, though, including a pint of jalapenos. I also picked up two purple peppers, just because. They're pretty!

I decided to make Sara's rice and beans receipe for dinner, even though I couldn't make the salsa, since I had fresh tomatoes and peppers. I had to make a few substitutions, though, because I didn't feel like going back out. :) Instead of chipotle peppers, I used jalapeno. Obviously, I left the garlic out, and skipped the celery as well. I couldn't find fresh cilantro so I used dry, but other than that, it's all Sara. I sprinkled it with a little chihuaha cheese (Rachel's potluck cheese from Sat!), and we dug in.

Of course, it was super yummy (even Brad liked it, who hates when I make red beans and rice), and luckily I have enough left over for lunch yesterday. I'm especially a fan of the hint of lime flavor, and I didn't even think I liked lime. But it was a perfect contrast to the beans. Guess I shouldn't have been such a lime hater!

Now it's time for some vanilla ice cream with piles of fresh blueberries.

EuroTrip 07 Update

Our Paris hotel has fleas! Brad's been watching the reviews on Trip Advisor, and over the past week, TWO people have commented that they got fleas at Hotel Mayet. Guess we'll be cancelling that reservation!

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Sara said...

Looks perfect. I'll have to try it with jalepenos sometime. Sounds good. It's good with those hint of lime chips. Yum.