13 August 2007

Greasy grimey gopher guts

I have guts on the mind quite often, actually. So obviously, me picking up Stiff isn't that out of character. And it's way more interesting than I even had guessed. Wow, were people nuts. I just finished reading a section about the slice-by-slice dissection of a body, to see all the different rows of guts. What does this sound like? The Body Exhibit!

So I'm reading this as I wait (for an hour) to see my gut doctor this afternoon. He got a good chuckle out of my book, then said, hey, wanna see something cool?

He took me into his office, pulled my file up on his computer, and showed me my full-body x-ray from the CT scan I had last summer. It was my guts! And get this... With a click of the mouse, he could show me layer by layer by layer, just like the Body Exhibit. Hey, there's your spine. Oh, hey, your bladder. Yep, guts! He could also show me layer by layer from the top, like a steak. I saw my disease and everything. It was super super cool. "See that? That's poop!" ha ha. Lovely.

Oh, and I also added two new babies to my collection. I potted tiny marigolds last night. I'll keep you posted on their progress.

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Rachel said...

That was almost quite a shocking progression. "Here's your poop!" And then add two babies? Ha!