07 August 2007

Randomy Random

I finally potted my bday herbs! Think fresh and happy thoughts for my little friends, because we know my history with all things green. The cutie potato is oregano and the other is basil. Mmm. My own fresh basil? What could be better?

Meanwhile, the worst thing that could happen to someone that likes to eat as much as I do has befallen me (okay, not the worst, but you know me and my dramatics). Not sure what's going on--a migraine? A touch of the stomach flu? Meningitis? Either way, I've had a pounding headache since last week, my stomach has felt like just plain yuck for days, and my neck and back are killing me. Almost nothing sounds good to me (my dinner last night was peanut butter and jelly), to the point where everything seems gross... What a bummer way to watch a new, fun episode of Bizarre Foods, too. (This stupidness has even affected the poor pooches -- I felt like such poopaloop last week that I didn't even make it out to do my walking. I'm the worst volunteer ever!)

Somewhat related are my new-ish yucky feelings toward meat. My guts don't allow me to eat red meat, so I've been able to cut that out pretty easily over the past year. Post-pig vertebrae incident last month, pork may be forever ruined for me. And on and off for years, chicken has struck me as gross gross gross. Funny enough, I've never had a problem with lunchmeat or hot dogs. I guess I have gross-out tendencies when what I'm eating looks like what it came from. I even went so far as to get The Idiot's Guide to Being Vegetarian from the library. According to that book, you could call me a semi-vegetarian, but that doesn't seem right, considering my a-ok-ness with hot dogs. We'll see how this one progresses over time.

So right now, while the thought of the beautiful red peppers and spicy jalapenos in my fridge haunt me rather than overjoy me, I'm again having the internal local food/killing the environment battle. NOTHING sounds good right now, except Zingerman's. And by good, I mean it sounds fabulous. I mostly consider Zingerman's one of my "no need to kick yourself over it" places, though -- it's local owned at least, right? :) (And unfortunately, I also know, in detail, how fresh their pigs are.) Anyway, my wonderful husband just went out to pick up some
mac and cheese and cherry pie for me (courtesy of Jason and Krissy! Thanks, guys), and if he doesn't get home soon, I might just gnaw off my finger.

Sidebar: Our very own
Ann Arbor is profiled in the September issue of Every Day With Rachael Ray. Whether you love her or hate her, it's exciting to see our town in the spotlight. The tour guide is none other than Zingerman's Ari Weinzweig. Rock on!

One final last random tidbit--has anyone ever been on a desperate search for the perfect travel journal? I mean come on, they just don't exist!! Either they're totally totally blank or too specific. I was looking for one that is spiral bound, with lots of space for improvisation, but since I like lists, I want to fill stuff out too. I found one that I thought was good, and it was, but it's geared toward just one trip rather than an on-going journal. Last week at Borders, I picked a
new one up, so I'd be ready for my trip to Boston in two weeks. It's not perfect--it's missing "fill me in" sections--but it has inserts for, well, inserting items; it's spiral bound; and it has lots and lots of lined pages. I think I can make it work.

Okay, time to eat!!!

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