21 August 2007

Olives and capers and nuts oh my!

Just a quick post before I head to Boston tomorrow (I'll have my laptop with me, so don't be surprised if I pop up while I'm gone). But we just had such a lovely dinner that I had to write about it. I picked up some pine nuts on Sunday, so I searched for recipes using "pine nuts" and "pasta." Here's how I mishmashed what I found into my own:

Mmmm-y Pasta

1 package stuffed pasta (I used Ann Arbor-made Pastabilities cheese-stuffed mezzaluna)
3 tbl olive oil
1 splat of butter (2-3 spoonfuls)
3 tbl capers
1 pile of chopped black olives (I picked up a container of fresh olives and cut the flesh off the pits)
Fresh basil, oregano, parsley (I only had fresh oregano, the rest I used dried)
3 oz pine nuts

1. Cook pasta
2. While pasta is cooking, melt butter w/ olive oil in a saute pan
3. Add pine nuts and reduce heat to low; cook until pine nuts start to golden
4. Add spices, capers, and olives; mix and warm
5. Pour nutty sauce over pasta and stir

So easy, but sooooo yummy. LOTS of flavor with the capers and olives. You could make this with regular pasta, too, then just top with fresh grated parm. We ate handfuls of fresh, raw green beans, and topped it off with cherry wine from Traverse City (a bday gift from Amy). A lovely last meal in Michigan. Bon voyage to me.

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