27 August 2007

East Coast Gangsta

I've made it home safe and sound, well fed and rejuvenated. And already missing Matt and Sara. Those two are so cute, sweet, and constantly cracking me up. I could have spent a week just hanging out in their apartment, sharing recipes with Sara and watching Matt shoot zombies on Xbox. But alas, we did much more than that!

My flight was delayed on Wednesday, so by the time I made it back to Matt and Sara's apartment, it was already going on 11. We hung out and caught up, then turned in early. I had to work the next day, but it was still fun to hang out because both Matt and Sara were home. Sara even made me the most delicious quesedilla lunch. After calling it a day, Sara and I headed into the city for dinner in the North End (my favorite Boston neighborhood!). We had dinner at Giacamos, which is as much of an event as it is a meal (Rachael Ray even went there on $40 a Day). With just a tiny eating area, guests wait in line outside to be let in. Luckily we got in line before it opened and just made the first round of seats. We started with probably the best calamari I've ever had. Then Sara ordered the special -- chicken and goat cheese gnocchi. I ordered the same dish Rachael Ray had, the pumpkin tortellini. Both were just delicious. Mmmmm. Of course, for dessert, we headed down the street for some cannolis from Mike's Pastry. Taking the ferry home to Quincy was the perfect way to end the evening. Somewhere in there, I may or may not have openly, accidentally laughed out loud at a young girl's surprising Boston accent. I also got yelled at on the subway. Sweet.

I had Friday off, so Sara and I roadtripped it to Cape Cod. We took the scenic route, so it was a long drive, but we had the iPod so we rocked out and chatted and enjoyed the scenery. Our first stop was on the ocean side (I wanted waves!), so we went to Marconi Beach on the National Seashore. It was sunny and warm (and we even got a show -- the pilots were practicing for the next day's airshow) and a lovely spot for our picnic, and watching the seals as they hopped around in the war. The current was so strong they weren't allowing swimming, but that was just fine as we nearly froze our feet off just running around in the surf. We decided we wanted to swim, so we packed up and headed back down the Cape, stopping at First Encounter Beach. I mean seriously, how could you drive by that beach and NOT go?

So named because Miles Standish of the Mayflower had his first encounter with the Native Americans on this spot, First Encounter Beach is exactly how I pictured Cape Cod. I could practically see Joey and Pacey running around here. The sun was starting to set, the water was warm, and sandbars carried us out into the middle of the ocean. My favorite moment of the trip was sitting out in the ocean with Sara, bouncing around in the waves. The beach itself was also amazing -- there were tons of little pools where crabs and other creatures scurried around. I was disappointed there were no sticks to poke stuff with, but Sara was nice enough to let me use her keys. The sun started to set, and our stomachs started to rumble, so we headed back home, making a pit stop in Brewster for fried clams at Cobie's.

Saturday we did some more roadtripping, this time with Matt joining us. We headed North toward Maine, again taking the scenic route. We'd read about the best lobster roll in a piece on Maine in Rachael Ray's magazine, so we just had to stop. The best is always good for a first. So in Kennebunkport, we stopped at the Clam Shack, and we weren't disappointed. This is definitely THE way to eat lobster.
I really wanted to see the Maine that I had in my head, so we stopped at Cape Elizabeth, and it didn't disappoint. Exactly how I pictured Maine -- dark, sloping rocks being smashed by rushing waves. There was even a foghorn blowing in the distance. And of course, millions of little tide pools to chase crabs, and we even saw some clams! Next on the list was Portland, a cute beach town similar to Traverse City, but cooler, cause it's on the ocean. We did a little shopping here, then grabbed dinner at Gritty McDuff's (the sole reason Matt joined us, I think. He had to stock up on their beer -- hee hee). I braved the fish and chips and they ended up being super yummy, with a really interesting peppery batter. AND they didn't even upset my stomach. Maine is magic! Then it was time to head back home, making a pit stop in Portsmouth, NH, to buy an Xbox. No sales tax. Score!

Sunday was Sara's birthday. Woohoo! We slept in, then the birthday girl made us super yummy, super fluffy blueberry pancakes (which I topped off with my leftover chocolate chip cannoli from Friday). It was a nice relaxing morning, the perfect end to the perfect trip. Whatdya say everyone? Shall we all move east and join Matt and Sara? :)

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Rachel said...

Sounds delish! And I'm not just talkin' about the food. Crabs crabs!

Oh! And the stupid code at the bottom that proves I'm a real human almost looks like it says Quahog. Sweet.