19 August 2007

Tipsy Tips

As you know, I've been making my best effort to eat better and eat better for the environment. Trying to decide what's more important, organic or local companies? Eating lots of vegetables or supporting Ann Arbor farmers? Money is an issue, too, of course. So these are the things spinning in my brain when I head out for my grocery shopping (especially when I haven't been able to make it to the Farmer's Market in two weeks). I could probably save myself some effort and just go to Whole Foods, but it's on the other side of town and always looks sooooo insane. So what I don't get at the Farmer's Market, I've been splitting between Fresh Seasons Market and Target. Today I paid close enough attention to see what's where, and what is the "better" choice, at least for me, right now.

Fresh Seasons

Guernsey products (milk, ice cream)
-- local (Northville), no organic

Pastabilities (fresh, refrigerated pastas)
-- in Ann Arbor!

Farnsworth Family Farm Bread
-- in Dearborn, uses organic flour

Mamusia's pierogies
-- in Taylor

Solterra wine
-- bottled in Chile but imported through Arbor Beverage Co. in Ann Arbor


Organic milk
-- much cheaper than organic milk at FS; not local

Annie's Homegrown (boxed mac and cheese)
-- organic or natural; much cheaper than at FS

Old Orchard juices
-- local (Sparta, MI)
-- 100% juice, supper yummy, interesting flavors
-- has an organic line (not available at Target, or at least not today)

For more local products, check this website out:
The Directory of Michigan-Made Products

**Not food related, but Target related. In the sample aisle, I found a new style of pill cases. The only ones I've ever found (affordable ones, that is) are totally old lady, especially for the size and amount of pills I need to carry. But for 99 cents each, I got one oval shaped case for AM and PM, pink, with swivel covers for each side (this will work nicely for my huge horse pills); and one mor traditional rectangular one with a box for each day, but it's sleek and curved, and pink, too, of course.

OH. And totally see Superbad.

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Sara said...

You're the coolest! Love your list! I bought organic frosted shedded wheat yesterday. hahahaha. They were 50 cents more. That's kind of silly, but oh well.