14 July 2011

Fun in the sun.

It took a screwed-up Firefox and me thinking my blog got deleted for me to log in for the first time in almost two months. Normally I tend to slip away from blogging when times are tough, but this time I swear that's not the case.

I just really love my town. And we're really trying to make the very most of our first summer here. At the beach. In town. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

So what have I been doing, you might be wondering... ?? (Or maybe not! Ha!)

Going to Chicago.

Having awesome visitors.

Aunt Sandy from WV and cousin Alex and Aunt Karen from CA.

Birgy turns 30. I find this amusing.

Going to the beach.

Watching amazing sunsets and fireworks on the beach.

4th of July on the Bluff w/ Chris & Ceile.

Riding my bike. (Yes, you heard that right.) Walking (or biking) to town. Attending art fairs and watching fireworks. Going to the farmers market and getting iced lattes. Having romantic sushi picnics on the bluff.

Hanging out with my lovely St. Joe ladies.

Golfing with Bradford at the 'club. I even have golf clubs (purple!) and golf shoes (with rhinestones).

Oh yeah, and my in-laws moved in across the street.

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