26 May 2011

Get off my yard, sonny.

Georgie says, "Suck it, old yard!"

This picture is from last fall (spring hasn't sprung quite as fully just yet!), but it illustrates why exactly we needed to go and order ourselves an instalawn...


So yesterday, despite the monsoon we were having here, the guys showed up and put in a whole new yard for us. And by the time I got home from work, it cleared up and we could actually stand back and enjoy the beauty. Sigh.

It looks like a furry Fraggle!

We can't walk on it just yet, and we definitely can't let the dogs loose on it (so it's back to the old leash/front yard/walk routine), but in a few weeks we can all roll around and revel in it.

In other new-around-here news, we FINALLY painted the LAST room in the house (and the second to last hallway left to do), the sun porch. Nothing drastic, but we went from dirty country yellow to fresh pale yellow (the same yellow we painted the kitchen).

Old. New.

It just looks that much nicer, feels that much better, and makes that much more sense with the rest of the house. (We also painted the downstairs hallway that leads to the two spare bedrooms and the guest bathroom.) All we have left to do is the staircase that leads upstairs. Eventually... For now, we will just enjoy our even brighter, beautifuller sun porch.

Don't you want to come lounge here with us?

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Ceile said...

Yes, yes I do!! As I said before, as soon as you attempt a sweet tea, I will join you on your sun porch. It's only fitting!! :)