20 May 2011

Boys and beaches and ladies and balls.

I guess spring springing (then unspringing and being all winter-like again) has really kept me occupied. But I'm here. Still good. Loving my house more and more every day, and loving living in such a lovely little town, eagerly anticipating warm-weather beaching. Needless to say, the past few weeks have passed pretty quickly, with visitors, trips to the garden center, and general enjoying-being-outside-ness.

Speaking of, I'm madly in love with my front porch. It faces due west, so it's brightly lit come late afternoon and it stays lit until the sun sets behind the house across the street (between 8:30 and 9 right now). I can sit on my chair, drink a glass of wine, and watch the town go by. It's also deeply set, so as long as there aren't hurricane-force winds, you can sit and watch a good thunderstorm there, too.

I say this all today, the first sunny and warm(ish) day after a week of cold nonsense (which followed a week of sun and heat). Brad's out golfing, so I've spent the evening reading and drinking out front, only taking a brief break for a delightfully French-inspired meal. Scrambled eggs, toast, sardines, asparagus, and, of course, wine. It was heavenly.

Here are some sights from recent goings ons...

My family visited for Mother's Day. Little man loves the beach.

...and smearing dandelions at parades.

Some special ladies visited. And we harassed the wine pourer guy.

The ladies loved the balls on the Bluff.

I bought a bat plant to attract hummingbirds. Cutest ever.

I also planted tomatoes and peppers. Fingers crossed.

And I got to "enjoy" some Red Lobster with my family during a quick trip home.

What more can a girl ask for?

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Sara said...

Lots of goodness!