14 September 2010

Closet case.

I was determined to take a walk this morning. I woke up feeling not super duper and almost said screw it, but after some hemming and hawing, I got my booty out the door.

Walky walky.

My street. I heart it.

My view within five minutes of walking.

Within five minutes, I can not only see the water, I've reached a three-way corner that has ice cream (Dairy Korner) and a liquor store (Roosters) -- also along this route, two cemeteries for when Aunt Sandy comes to visit. Once I hit Lakeview, I'm walking a few blocks within the historic St. Joe neighborhood.

Within 15 minutes, I've reached the downtown bluff boardwalk, which extends through town.

Within 20 minutes, I pass the library. And within 25, I'm downtown, in line for coffee at Caffe Tosi. I wandered around a little, then moseyed home a little slower, sipping my French roast with milk. All in all, I was gone just over an hour.

Then it was back to work. Not that I have anything to cook on, but I unpacked all my food.

Definitely need a stool. I can't hardly reach the second shelf.

Then it was time for Brad to come home for lunch. One of my favorite things about being here. Then realtor Jim came over to help us with some stuff around the house. He's rebuilt a ton of old houses, and his expertise (and "will-work-for-free" attitude) has been invaluable. We'll have to have him and his wife over for dinner when things get settled. (He's also replaced two glass panes in windows, rescreened a screen, fixed a handful of electrical sockets, reset a few door/lock connections.....)

Working on our leaky 1930s faucet.

And he even brought ME homemade blueberry bread pudding!

While Jim tinkered around, I started digging my way out of our closet.

Bedroom mayhem.

It's a closet!
(Filled almost all the way with BRAD'S clothes.)

We have a big day tomorrow. Couch gets delivered. New appliances get delivered. Excited, but also excited for the excitement to die down. I look forward to a nice quiet day alone in my new house. :)


Sara said...

Looks like a little piece of heaven!

Birgles McGee said...

That blueberry bread pudding is a little piece of heaven! Did I mention I LOVE bread pudding!?

Love the house/neighborhood! Cute, cute, cute.

the two of us said...

wow, do you live in pleasantville??

Mrs. Church said...

haha maybe I do! ;)