15 September 2010

Pop a squat.

We had a lot of activity around the house today. The new couch and appliances ended up getting scheduled in the same basic windows, and, of course, the appliance guys showed up while the Art Van guys were here.



Luckily, the Art Van guys zipped in and out, making way for the appliance guys who spent a good couple of hours here. I was feeling a little overwhelmed by the kitchen overhaul. Last night we discovered that our kitchen was redone around their old microhood, and it's going to take a little construction work (on Brad's part! ha) to get the new micro up there. Then we realized the fridge might not open right. And the delivery guys technically wouldn't be allowed to install most of our new items. The kitchen I'd managed to organize and (mostly) clean was becoming a dumping ground. We've constantly had people in and out of our house and no one seemed to remember we own a garbage can. But then the appliances started to get put into place... and fit...

* sigh *

I'm a happy girl.



Another side note to sing the praises of these delivery and installation guys. Everyone has been SO great. I winked and smiled a little and convinced them to install the gas range (against the rules), install the copper tubing to our water line in the fridge (against the rules), disconnect the dishwasher (against the rules), and hand over a bunch of freebie parts we were apparently supposed to order. I'm positive they would have installed the gas dryer and dishwasher (against the rules) if they didn't have 13 more items to deliver today (they left around 3). These guys work their BUTTS off, and you know they don't make any money. Hats off to those dudes.

And of course... it's soooo exciting to finally have somewhere to sit! I might never move from this spot.

Of course, the pooches have already made themselves comfortable.


Or here?

This way?

Or this way?

Here's hoping that in the next few days Brad can finagle the micro hood, connect the dishwasher and dryer... and that I don't blow the house up trying to figure out how to use a gas stove!


Jen McPherson said...

I have total fridge envy!!

Mrs. Church said...

Having Brad work for Whirlpool is way cooler than him working for Ford! :D

Lady Lisa said...

hahaha. You have the fridge with the drawer for a cake. I BETTER see a cake in there at some point. :-P

KayBee said...

I love the couch and I certainly have fridge envy too. I'm on week 10 without a working frigerator. I have gained 4-5 lbs. and I'm so sick of Panera (can you believe I'm saying this?). I was so thankful for a home cooked meal the other day. Sadly we had to eat ALL of it because there was not enough room for leftovers. Argh!!