12 September 2010

House of boxes.


I'm super tired, my feet ache, and it's time for Chelsea on the VMAs! So just a quick post to tell you...

My awesome tomato neighbors baked us cookies!!! We lived in our AA house for a year before we met anyone, and we NEVER really "met" either of our direct neighbors. I'm excited to live next door to Cheryl and Steve and their two little rugrats.

Martin's grocery store sushi is a-Ok. Everything was closed by the time I went out in search of dinner, so I took a chance. And it hit the spot. Thank goodness... This will be enough to satisfy the cravings in between visits to Ann Arbor or Chicago. Num num. And more cookies for dessert.

Heidi had a rough day, so she decided to relax with a beer.

More soon! From the new house! Woo!

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