11 September 2010

This house is clean.

Said goodbye to the old house yesterday. The packers came on Thursday, then the movers came on Friday. And now we have a big old empty house. And boy does it look big with nothing in it! A little nervous about trying to sell an empty house, but our layout is a little weird, so maybe it will actually work to our benefit. Keep those fingers crossed and here's hoping we can unload the house sometime in the near future. I don't like loose ends. Especially very expensive loose ends.

Anyway, I am so thankful for our movers. I don't know that I'll ever be able to move on my own again. I don't necessarily mind packing, so I don't know that I'd pay for that next time, but man, those guys are good. AND they totally annoyed my witchy neighbor, which makes me smile.

"Are you going to be parked there ALL NIGHT?"
(Not like she EVER leaves her house! Good riddance horrible neighbor!)

I was surprised to see two older men show up to do my packing. Mel and Paul. But they hammered through all our crap, and by the end of the day, EVERYTHING was packed. Amazing.

Friday, our moving team showed up -- John ("Mr. Serious"), Joe ("Jokester"), and Robert ("Little Red"). I had a great day with these guys. The whole process was kind of a bummer. I'm excited to move and start our new adventure, but like I said, it's still hard. But these guys were great company and made me feel totally comfortable about them manhandling all our stuff. I cannot imagine a worse job. But they are pros, and I would recommend them to anyone. AND I was able to unload the two big items I had no idea what I was going to do about (other than just leave them in the house for now) on them -- John took the 10,000 lb tv in our basement, and Robert took our red couch ("My wife's gonna kill me!"). Now that's service. If I had a workable kitchen, I would make them a cake for their arrival tomorrow. Liters and liters of Mountain Dew will have to suffice.

They cover floors, walls, doors... And wrap and box every last little item.

Seems like just yesterday Rachel and Don came over with their housewarming care package and watched Hot Dog the movie with us, on the floor, as the TV was the only furniture in the living room. Just yesterday we brought Heidi home and she got her head stuck in the lamp base. Just yesterday Jordan was crawling around the sitting room, still covered in carpet. Lots of memories here, experiences I'll never forget. You were good to us, house. And we'll miss you.

The boys come to celebrate Brad's 28th birthday, our 2nd night in the house.

While I was in town, I did also manage to squeeze in some fun. Birgit was kind enough to put me up, so I got to hang out with her and snuggle with her kitties. Grabbed a quick lunch with Fred. Hugs and salads with Rachel. Made my mom make me a grilled cheese. And sushi. Yum sushi. Have I mentioned there is no sushi in a one-hour radius of the new house? So sad.

Cosmo cheers to wonderful memories and to creating many, many more!

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