22 September 2010

Sushi special.

Today started a little slow. Headache, tummy ache, and mild panic over the tub glazer that was scheduled to do our tub yesterday but "called in sick" and didn't return any of my calls this morning. Eventually I got it together, though, and started project No. 30405. Off to Kohls for some rugs to try to protect our already-destroyed beautiful new floors. Can I just say... rug shopping sucks. I'm trying very hard to resist buying anything I feel lukewarm about because I don't want to waste money on "for now" items. My plan was to buy kitchen rugs, but I forgot how light the kitchen floors are and the rugs were just not a good match. So I decided to clean up and organize our three seasons porch (which, honestly, we're not sure why it's only three seasons -- it's heated! I guess we will see soon enough!). As soon as I put the meant-for-the-kitchen rug down, Heidi gave it her seal of approval.

The rug matches the two banana peels she's eaten this week.

Some fiddling and a few hundred trips up and down the stairs looking for particular items, and we now have a very cozy knitting (or reading [or pooch sleeping]) porch.

Knitting nook!

To celebrate, I made Brad take me out to try the "sushi Wednesday" special I've been reading about at the Bistro at the Boulevard Hotel (the only non-Holiday Inn-type dump hotel in town). The best part? We walked.

We looked at that blue house on the left. It finally sold!

I made reservations so we could sit on the patio, which only has a handful of tables. You can't see too well in the pic, but the blue off to the left is the lake. Wednesdays is also sailboat race day, so there were lots of sails off in the distance. As for the sushi, it wasn't the best ever, but it tasted fresh and light, so I would get it again. Brad enjoyed his two pounds of pasta, too. This is definitely my favorite restaurant in town -- of course, it's also the most expensive, but for every once in a while, it's nice to know it's here. Definitely need to take advantage of it now while it's still warm enough to sit outside, but it's late enough in the year that the tourists are gone. Dang tourists! Ha!

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Birgles McGee said...

Is the blue house the one with the skivvies?