06 September 2010

I am the keymaster.

We had visitors today! That makes it official, right? We officially live elsewhere if friends come from afar to visit. Thanks to Mike and Sarah for providing a breath of fresh air today. And cake.

Speaking of food... Guess who has new neighbors with homegrown tomatoes? I was out in the yard, picking up dog poo (awesome), and I met my neighbors to the right. A married couple, probably in their 40s, with two young kids. The parents are "in the band." Like, adult band -- we have a band shell downtown here, and they play there. Anyway, they also have gigantic tomato plants, and they shared some of their bounty with me. If only I had, you know, a pot, or a real knife, even... But I slaughtered one with a butter knife today for a sandwich and it was deeeeelicious.

Speaking of delicious, I have a new favorite place. Baguette de France. It could be a chain (there appears to be one in Berrien Springs, too), but the woman working today said she's the owner's sister and she (the sister) has been "doing it" (I assume running this store, but perhaps just sandwich-making in general!) for 17 years. I don't care either way. It is dang delicious. I've been twice in three days. My favorite part is that they have a full vegetarian menu, and it's not just "without meat." They have veggie turkey, veggie ham ("wham"), veggie meatballs even... The veggie menu is the same length as the non-veggie (which also includes tuna). How cool is that? The first time I had fake turkey, tonight (I sent Sarah and Mike there, so I thought about it all night and HAD to have it) just veggies. Sourdough baguette, provolone, oodles of tomato pesto sauce, black olives, onions, cucumbers, lettuce, tomato... all warm and gooey. SO good. Soo soo good. (Brad gave two thumbs up to both of his sandwiches, the turkey with tomato pesto sauce and the roast beef with garlic sauce.) And it's right around the corner.

Speaking of sandwiches, I (well, Brad) found another deli, also around the corner. Clancy's, an Irish deli. The house specialties are of no use to me, but they also make a smoked salmon sandwich and a lobster roll. Random, but yum! I had the salmon earlier this week and it was perfect.

Not speaking of anything, I officially have a gray bedroom.

And I also have super cool doorknobs.

That have super cool keys.

We also have regular old locks on the doors, though, so no carrying around a keyring full of giant old keys!


Birgles McGee said...

There is no Dana. There is only Zuul.

Lady Lisa said...

Maybe you can ride around your new house on your broomstick, catching all those keys. That's what Harry would do, after all.