23 September 2010

She's gone from suck to blow.

UPDATE: Sorry about the teeny font! Blogger changed something, and the font is all teeny, and when I try to fix it, it throws all my formatting off. GRRR!

I'm in love with a vacuum. Well, vacuums. Yes, it is horribly nerdy, but when you have world's two furriest dogs, hair is a constant battle, and vacuuming is a constant chore. The hardwood definitely hides the problem a little better, and our new "taupe" microfiber couch certainly helps, but the fur tumbleweeds have already started. To deal with the couch situation, I picked up the Shark handheld "pet special" vacuum this weekend at Lowe's.

The Jaws of handhelds.

I LOVE this thing. George and Heidi still don't like it, but they tolerate it pretty well, although Heidi did NOT want me to vacuum her directly (ha!). The attachment in the pic is the special dog hair picker-upper piece, and it does a great job on the couch. And all the corners. And underneath the stove. And all of the millions of nooks and crannies of this house that don't appear to have been cleaned this century.

Yesterday I picked up the standup Shark version because as much as I love the handheld, it was starting to kill my back from bending over trying to clean the floors. I let it charge for 20 hours and gave it a whirl... And it SUCKED. It was totally wobbly and had no power. So I took it back. And picked up........

Love at first sight.

I went totally old school. We've had two of those stupid canister vacuums, including a very expensive one "just for pets." And they sucked. Beyond sucked. And they are sooo heavy. This baby weighs next to nothing, came with a six-month supply of bags, was on sale, and pretty much kicks ass. AND it can do this...


I'm sure my neighbors are already wondering why I vacuum so much, but it's only gonna get worse. Me and my new BFFs. (And while George and Heidi immediately recognized this as the enemy, George didn't bark once. Quite a feat!)

PS. This little guy popped by to say hello this morning.

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