26 September 2010

To market we go.

Brad and I had a great Saturday afternoon. And while I did warn him of my full intentions a week in advance, he clearly wasn't listening and faked surprise and annoyance when I dragged him into our two antique shops. BUT I think he secretly liked it because he didn't whine at all. But first, off to the farmer's market, which, I am sad to report, is only open for two more weeks. Lots to choose from again this week, and with Brad's encouragement, we approached the fresh meat/fish guy. And he had lake trout, all boned and filleted and ready to go. So we snagged two. Then decided we needed salsa to go with it. So we went to the local salsa booth and I convinced Brad to try the peach salsa, and he agreed it was amazing. So we grabbed that. Then we spotted the vendor's queso. He started to tell me about it and I told him he wasn't going to tempt me and that I wasn't listening... well, next thing I know, Brad is saying "we'll take it!" Maybe I need to have him around more often -- ha! I also snagged two super cute mini spaghetti squash, a cucumber, some tomatoes, and some Brussels sprouts, so we're set for a few days. Behold, our beautiful bounty!

Then, we checked out the aforementioned antique stores -- one is mostly furniture, the other a buncha stuff, which is more my speed. We found lots of cool old pics of St. Joe in the early 1900s, which is inspiring our vision for our spare bedrooms. More on that as it unfolds.

Next, we noticed the new wine tasting shop was open. What's fancy fish dinner without wine, right? So we popped in and discovered they are offering five free tastings -- score! Nothing like free wine at 11 am. The wine comes from a neighboring town (White Pine Winery), and they have about 12 wines to sample, including a delicious ice wine. We decided on the Reserve Riesling because it had "hints of peach and mango" to match our fish. I only tried a few of the wines, saving the rest for when you (insert name here!) come visit.

By the time we made it back home, we were starving. And DYING to try the queso. So of course we had nachos for lunch. Anytime is a good time for nachos.

With cucumbers, so it's healthy.

These nachos were the BEST nachos of all time. Oh my god. (I'm sure it won't surprise anyone that I had a second serving of nachos around 11:30 last night, too.) So cheesy, and sooo spicy, with tons of chunks of jalapenos and red peppers. We might go broke buying fancy queso.

Ok, here's when I get REALLY ticked off. They just did updates to Blogger, and it will NOT LET ME UPLOAD MY FISH PICS! Other bloggers.... Are you having this problem, too?? It keeps saying "rejected by server." GRRR!!!!!

So that means I can not show you our AMAZING lake trout. We got two huge fillets, like, huge! Eventually dinner time rolled around, and I baked them in the oven at 350 for about 25 minutes -- just squeezed a little lemon juice on, sprinkled some pepper, and scooped a few spoonfuls of the peach salsa on. Btw, like the queso, I am now officially obsessed with this peach salsa, too. So good and so spicy and so fresh. Luckily, the market store in town does carry the vendor's stuff, so I'll be able to find it once the market closes.

Anyway, the fish... was... soooo good. What a difference fresh fish makes. And considering all the fish markets around here look nasty, I might have to go next weekend and buy a winter's worth of fish from that dude so we can enjoy delicious fish all year long. It actually tasted like fish (in a good way)... Worth every penny! And perhaps I have made a marketer of Brad after all... Time shall tell. :D

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