13 September 2010

Kitchen confidential.

Still tired. Still sore. But making some progress! But to backtrack a mini bit, moving in was totally seamless. Like I said, those guys are amazing. Especially considering we had brand new floors. The refinishers finished less than 24 hours before the guys started moving stuff in. Aren't they pretty?


Rest of the house.

Fun tidbit. In older houses, kitchens were built with a different type of wood (pine, I think). So that's why the kitchen looks different. The refinishing actually helped the two woods match a little more closely, making Bradford very happy.

Anyway... The guys arrived bright and early, and I supplied them with oodles of Mountain Dew.

In no time, they were prepping the house (they covered almost every wood surface with boxes because they knew how sensitive our new floor was).

Shortly after that, I started unpacking everything I could to get some of these boxes (and mountains of paper) out of here.

Luckily, what little counters I have are actually quite wide, so I was able to unpack and assess the situation before really putting much away.

I was worried about kitchen storage because I lost the island I had in AA, but I have a giant cupboard just outside the kitchen in the little mud room, so I'm able to get my giant items out of the way (wok, crock pot, etc). I will need to get my retro vinyl stool/chair asap though because there's no way I'm reaching the cupboards above the sink where I stashed all of our barware!

All in all, it took the guys another 6 or 7 hours to get us all unpacked and reassembled. I was kind of sad to see them go. They are all from here, so they felt like our first "town" friends. Quick side note to point out that the Jokester requested "Barbie Girl" when I was playing music. Luckily, I was, of course, able to oblige him. We tipped them, and I'd bought them all lunch (tacos galore!), and they thanked us profusely for what seemed only natural to do. Turns out not everyone treats them very nice, and I'm am still shocked -- these guys are working their butts off, and they hold the safety of your home in their hands. They say they've often been told not to use the house bathroom and have been offered the "hose out back" if they get thirsty. Unbelievable.

Anyway, the house looks great. We were a little nervous about how some of the furniture was going to work, especially the bedroom furniture (small rooms), but it's like it was meant to be. Like a glove (both master and spare).

Besides the furniture, most of the rest of the house looks something like this:

That's our closet, packed front to back, floor to ceiling. Eventually I'll be able to change my clothes...

Of course, the kitchen is the priority, so I spent most of yesterday and all of today getting it as settled as I possibly could (you know, without a stove and all!). First, though, I took a break for a lovely backyard breakfast this morning. I need to get a coffee pot because it was the perfect coffee morning.

Meanwhile, Heidi posed for some glamor shots.

Back to work, and eventually all my kitchen boxes were unpacked, and the majority of my crap was neatly put away.

Forgive the bad lighting; kitchen isn't really pea soup hued!

A little of home to home.

Of course, the pooches were hard at work testing out all the new lighting angles.

And I got a new shower curtain. :)

Tomorrow, I think I'll tackle that closet of ours, perhaps unpack our bathroom stuff. Or maybe I'll take a break and mosey on down to the beach for a nice walk....


the two of us said...

Congrats again on the new house! Fun to see it unfold and become your own!
Can't wait to come up and see it in person. I figure it could be a day trip from here anyway, so a weekend with sunshine is all we need...

Lady Lisa said...

Loving the sneak peeks of your place darling. I'm hoping to unveil a bit of my own kitchen confidential sometime soon. Our pile of boxes is down to only about 1/4, but the problem here is not having spaces to PUT all that stuff. So far I just seem to walk around a lot of piles. Keep the photos and updates coming! Hopefully sometime soon we'll actually chat as well. Hugs.

Mrs. Church said...

Liz! Yes! Would love a visit! :)

Lisa -- Pics pics pics! I love our opposite twin houses! haha