20 September 2010

Perfecting the pimento.

I finally got a chance to revisit the St. J farmer's market this Saturday. There was (is) still a TON to do around the house, but after a full week of unpacking, I decided to let Brad and the boys take the Saturday work shift. When I left, this was the major project to be done:

We're considering redoing the kitchen to match the old wallpaper... ;)

I got downtown just as the market was opening, right around 9 am. Makes it much easier to get there early and get the good stuff! Lots to choose from this time -- fruits, veggies, herbs, fish (including huge hunks of smoked salmon). I decided on a basket of teeny tiny peppers, some cherry tomatoes, a basil plant, and some honeycrisps.

Before heading home, I grabbed a coffee and sat for a minute, enjoying the tourist-free beach.

When I got home, I had a fully intact microhood. Go Church boys!

To celebrate, last night I made, at Brad's request, pimento mac and cheese. Because we haven't had anything healthy in what seems like ages, I sauteed some kale, too. For the mac and cheese, this time, no shortcuts. I used all the required butter, good sharp cheddar. And I didn't mess up the sauce -- I remembered to use half the cheese in the sauce, and put the other half on top for oven browning.


Hello, sunshine!

I think I may have finally perfected this recipe. I am so pleased. We had it again for lunch today, then split the remainder as a side with dinner tonight. I think I'll stick with the no-butter-skimping-good-cheese-using method from now on.

PS. I couldn't resist and popped into one of the two antique stores downtown today and, low and behold, the ONE Pyrex dish that has been eluding me for aaaages.. WOOHOO! Time to make some lemon bars.


Sara said...

I believe in going all out with mac & cheese. It's the right thing to do. ;)

Alison said...

Can you post the recipe? I love pimento mac & cheese, but I've never been able to make a good baked macaroni.

Rachel said...

Awwwww. I'll hold the kale! :D

Lady Lisa said...

I'm so glad you're settling in, AND you found the perfect dish for lemon bars. Now get in that kitchen!

Mrs. Church said...

Alison -- of course! :) I always use Rachael Ray's recipe: http://www.rachaelrayshow.com/food/recipes/pimento-mac-and-cheese/

The hardest thing for me to remember is to NOT mix the entire lot of cheese into the sauce! Ha!