17 September 2010

West side enchiladas.

Home feels a little more like home every day. I've got enough stuff unpacked that I can pull out some personal items and cozy up the place while waiting to get the last few furniture details in place for final unpacking. Stuck a few pics on the walls, lit a few candles. Made my way through a few more giant boxes. We're getting there!

The revolving door of worker dudes is nearly over. Today we had the second to last group through, this time the electricians. Our house was two apartments at one point in time, so it's wires galore here... but most of them don't work. And while a lot of the house has been modernized, we don't have a ton of electrical outlets, especially in our bedroom. So we had two cable lines run upstairs, in our bedroom and our little bonus space, and had them create a light switch for the light in our closet and a plug by our bed so we can have an alarm clock and a lamp. Little changes but oh so exciting.

Welcome to 2010, upstairs!

In other woohoo news, we've both done a few loads of laundry in our kick ass new washer and dryer. They are SO quiet. And apparently all energy efficient and stuff. (Still haven't read those manuals....)

The inaugural load.

Tonight we also have our first overnight visitor... Brad's brother, Marc. So, of course, I had to get the guest quarters ready, as best as I could at least.

Technically the master bedroom. I saw pshaw to convention!

Unfortunately, our guest can't actually shower in the guest bathroom yet...
But it still looks pretty!

For the special occasion, I made my first big grocery trip to get food for dinner. I decided to give the Benton Harbor Meijer a whirl... and I don't think I'll be going back. I hate Meijer to begin with, but it was just dark and gloomy and had lots of weird areas... plus, the meat/seafood counter smelled SO bad I could barely go near it. So gross. At least I finally found my fake bologna, which the other grocery store doesn't seem to carry. Anyway, for dinner I got to test out the new oven. Enchilada night!


I'm totally sold on this gas stove of mine. It makes a lot of crazy noises that still make me a little uneasy, but that baby heated up in five minutes!!! And then cooked all quick and made my cheese all melty. Mmm.

Brothers like enchiladas.

Tomorrow morning, farmer's market!! Woo! I'm going to buy the crap out of some tomatoes and apples and whatever else I can find. And I'm going to get a dang coffee. And maybe look at some dang antiques downtown! I can't wait! :D


Alison said...

Your new house is so cute! We'll have to come visit you guys next year and try out those guest quarters. :)

Birgles McGee said...

I can't believe Marc beat me!