30 August 2010

Hello goodbye.

It's been a great week. A sad week, but mostly great. I feel like this goodbye has been going on forever, so sorry if I've seemed hung up on it. It's just been such a slow progression... but I swear, I really am headed out of town in LESS THAN 24 HOURS. Unbelievable. Once I'm gone, can I still call myself an Ann Arbor townie? Please?

So again, my whirlwind of a week. Monday to Northville with Lisa S. and Digby. Harry Potter 6 at home with Lisa Z. on Tuesday. Royal Oak for dinner with Melissa on Wednesday. Then it was time for a dance party come Thursday night.

Ahh Necto, the dance club of my heart formerly known as Nectarine... * sigh * It's so silly to have such fuzzy feelings about a bar, especially one that has become a total booty bar, but, as I told the 14-year-old bartender (ok, he wasn't really 14), I've been going there for 13 years. 13 years! Lots and lots of memories, including mine and Brad's first kiss (sooo romantic, I know). The infamous spring/summer/fall of 2005, me, Brad, and Birgit went there nearly every Thursday night. I'm definitely too old to go now, but Birgit humored me and we headed there Thursday night. And, of course, it was perfect. Lots of interesting folks to chat with, new delicious drinks to try, cheesy music to sing along to (hello?! Ace of Base!), a bathroom re-do (no more "Diane eats poop. Seriously, she does!" graffiti), and a photo booth. It was just what I needed, and I'm so glad we got to spend this night together.

Thanks to Birgy for humoring me all kinds of ways all these years.

Friday, I headed to Detroit to meet Sara and Tabi for Sara's birthday dinner. Tabi just started working downtown, and businesses have given the employees tons of local coupons--so Tabi hooked us up with a super affordable meal at the new 24 Grille at the Book Cadillac hotel. First up, birthday drinks.

My drink come true: Coke, cherry vodka, and grenadine.
I had two.

We ordered a few dishes to share -- some super duper yummy calamari (I even helped eat the tentacles), tasty fries (in a cone!), and truffle mac and cheese, which we all agreed was super amazing. Sara and Tabi both got entrees, while I stuck with a beet and goat cheese salad.

Tasty, despite lacking in beets.

Disgusted w/ myself to admit that I was salivating over Tabi's veal meatloaf w/ gouda inside.

Bday gifts!

This was a special birthday. Sara was here. Sara lives here. Tabi and I got to help Sara celebrate her birthday, in person, in her home. I think it's safe to say that hasn't happened in 15 years. It still breaks my heart that as Sara makes her new home in Detroit, I'm leaving the area. But I'm so happy for her new adventure... and so happy for myself that she's still only two hours away. And I have to say, it is so special to still have these ladies in my life. I wonder what the 11-year-old us-es would think of the three of us dining at a swanky Detroit bar, a bunch of old married ladies??

Saturday night, Brad and I headed to Manchester for dinner with my mom, Larry, Jordan, and Zoey. My mom cooked us crab cakes and corn. And, of course, the home staple, Stoufer's mac and cheese. Yum yum! Larry and Jordan even made a cake. It was a lovely evening, and I refuse to view it as a goodbye. They're half an hour closer than everyone else, so I'm going to keep considering them neighbors. :)

That crazy kid.

Zoey time!

Worth noting that Brad was continuously scolded for not following Jordan's sandbox rules.

Rounding out the week, a goodbye party for Lisa and Brad Z. If anyone doesn't know, BZ accepted a job the week after my Brad took his. BZ moved to NYC a week after Brad moved to St. Joe. And now we are all leaving AA within a day of each other. While I'm so sad to see them go, it has been kinda special going through this whole transition business together. It's always nice to have someone that just knows. I'm currently in denial that we are moving in opposite directions of each other. In the meantime, a bunch of us gathered for a little sending off party... even though we're not admitting anyone is really going anywhere!

My favorite Zs.

Lemme in!

Oodles and bundles of well wishes to these two as they embark on their big city adventure. I know they'll be so super happy, and I mostly forgive them for moving so far away. Mostly. :)

I may or may not have Internet connection when I wake up in the am, and may or may not have it again until Tuesday or Wednesday. Wish me luck as I officially embark on my small town adventure. And here's hoping I can keep it together tomorrow. Which is unlikely. Rachel and I have a romantic Stachel dinner date planned, and there just aren't enough hugs in the world... I may have to sneak her to St. Joe with me in my pocket.

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Rachel said...

I bet we can hug me down to pocket size just fine, angel. :D XOXO