15 August 2010

Antiques roadshow.

I'm not one to waste any time when it comes to planning. A party, a project... decorating a new house. So it's no surprise I started an "inspiration" file weeks ago before I even personally saw the new house. There's really very little to do once we move in, and we don't have an unlimited budget or anything crazy. But I can still daydream, right? Today it was straight to Nicola's for some magazine inspiration.

And here are some goodies dancing visions in my head...

I love this. And its handy level is twofold: tall cupboards, no seating in the kitchen. I need somewhere to sit while I wait for water to boil, right? From Target.

I also recently discovered the "vintage" section on Etsy. This plays right into my Pyrex collection fantasy.

I've decided I will become a coffee drinker in the new house.

Kitchen table centerpiece. Filled with fruit.

The piece I've been searching for for years. For making delicious lemon bars, of course.

Side note Brad quote: "Just because it's an old house doesn't mean we have to buy a bunch of old stuff that looks like crap." Ha ha, oh silly husband.

Now I just need this super awesome freelance project I've got my heart set on to come through so I can actually buy myself some old stuff that looks like crap! :D

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