23 August 2010

Puppy party.

We close on our new house a week from tomorrow. While I'll be back for "pack and load" in a few weeks, I'm basically leaving AA on the 31st. It's getting harder and harder to not think about the whole leaving home thing. I'm excited for the move, excited to live at the beach. Excited for the new house, and, most of all, excited to be one big happy family again. But it's hard to face leaving my hometown. I've officially started the goodbyes, and while I keep reminding everyone (and myself) that we'll only be two hours away, it's still hard. And weird to think that everyone won't be just around the corner. I'll admit I'm spoiled. I've been blessed with many amazing friends, and most of them have been in my day-to-day life for a long time. So anyway, pardon me for the next few weeks while I am a little over-emotional... Anyway...

I'm not the only one with big changes this summer. Lisa S. just bought her first house and also adopted an adorable 5-year-old hound/boxer mix. Tonight we had a perfect poochy/new house date, and we all loved every second of it.

Meet Digby.

(I must say, on Lisa's behalf, that couch is NOT hers. The previous owner [technically a dead woman, so you can't really blame her....] left it behind.)

Digby greets George.

Digby smooches Heidi.

Two peas in a pod.

We ordered some pizza....

The beggar twins.

King of the picnic.

Back inside for some puppy chaos.

...and the ensuing puppy crash.

I'm so happy for Lisa. Her house is adorable. Her pup is adorable. And she's the awesomest ever, so she deserves it all. I can't wait to come back and visit lots and share in all the goodness with her.


Jen McPherson said...

awww. I need to bring Yoda to romp with the big dogs next visit.

Lisa said...

Thanks Steph for pointing out that awful couch isn't mine. It's gone now!

Mrs. Church said...

Jen, yes you do! And Lisa, haha, no worries -- always lookin' out. :)