05 August 2010

Pooches' first vacay.

This weekend, the pooches are in St. Joe for the first time. The ride here was also their first real road trip. And tonight is the first night either of them have ever spent away from home. So far so good. Except when George puked up his dinner. His poor little nerves. :) George has only barked twice, Heidi hasn't really barked at all, but they both nearly kill us when descending the apartment stairs to go pee. They are VERY excited for lots of new outside smells.

I hope you've got a big trunk.


New bone. Amused her to Chelsea.

She spent the rest of the ride trying to get comfortable.

In hindsight, I think he may have been a little carsick. But he stretched out in the backseat the whole ride.

We're heeeeere!

Heidi checks out the counter, of course.

George is mesmerized by the mirror.

George likes blow-up furniture.
(As long as someone is sitting on it to stabilize it....)

Heidi likes everything.

The whole Church family is ready for bed!

Heidi is so happy she is angry.

Coming this weekend... Braving the beach, pooches in tow. And a pooch date with Jackson!

BTW, I have a new favorite Panera sandwich: the Mediterranean veggie, minus the cilantro hummus. Loving it. And if you haven't had their mac and cheese yet, you are SO missing out.

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