01 August 2010

It's peanut butter jelly time.

I made dinner tonight for only the second time in a week... and a real "meal" for probably the first time in over a month. Nothing special, but Brad requested Mexican for his last night in town, so I threw together some enchiladas. Cooked up a filling of fake meat, refried beans, diced chilis, green enchilada sauce, and "authentic" Mexican blend cheese. Stuffed the tortillas, smothered them in more enchilada sauce, and topped with a handful more of cheese. Served them atop a bed of chopped romaine and topped the enchiladas with fresh diced tomatoes. It felt nice to eat real food!

Speaking of real food, I finally got to try the chocolate peanut butter I picked up on my birthday. Spread it on a toasted sandwich thin, then topped it with some banana.

I will be eating this a lot.
Or... at least until I run out of chocolate peanut butter.

On a final food note, Friday night Brad and I grabbed dinner at Cafe Felix. I've been there a handful of times recently but never for dinner, and Brad's never been there at all. When we got home that night, he kept wondering how he's lived here 15 years and never eaten there before. I think it's safe to say he was smitten. We both got salmon-y dinners -- him the salmon fillet, me the salmon salad. Both were delicious. Of greater note, however, was the 3 cheese and spicy olive plate we started with. We selected the Gouda and Manchego, then for our third cheese, Brad picked the goat. It was a new cheese, or a special cheese, either way, it was the Humboldt fog goat.

Apparently named for the local ocean fog in its home California town, there's a thin layer of ash (weird!) running through the middle of it. Weird or not, this cheese was AMAZING. It was mild in flavor and unbelievably creamy. Definitely the best goat cheese I've ever had. And I'm pleased to discover it's a California cheese, so it can't be that hard to get a hold of (I hope). You should find it and eat it, now.

And, just cause they're pretty, I picked up some Michigan gladiolas for our house showing today. I hope the lookers appreciated them. :)

PS. Make sure you rent Hot Tub Time Machine immediately!!!


Sara said...

You're killing me with the chocolate peanut butter and banana sandwich!

John Cusack forever!

Birgles McGee said...

Forget the chocolate peanut butter and banana sandwich, Sara, look at that CHEESE! YUUUUUUUM. I'm now ravaged by thoughts of Brie and goat cheese and smoked Gouda.

Birgles McGee said...

And P.S. I LOVE HTTM. Noah and I went, despite bad reviews, and giggled through the whole thing. Darryl is the best!