03 September 2007

Weekend Wrap Up!

If this post mysteriously ends mid-sentence and I disappear forever, it's because I have succumbed to grease and cheese death. Oh Hungry Howie's subs how I love thee.

I discovered this weekend that my love affair with peppers may have come to an end. I thought it was just post-sickness association that had kept me away for a few weeks, but I may have OD'd for the season. I was so excited about the mini peppers I picked up Wednesday, and Thursday I popped into the Zingerman's farmer's market and got a huge Anaheim pepper and two red/green peppers -- couldn't wait to taste 'em. Saturday night we stayed in and I made quesedillas and my much-anticipated pepper poppers. They looked lovely, so they should naturally taste lovely, right? I couldn't do it! What is wrong with me? I took a bite of the little pepper, and I couldn't even finish one, not even with goat cheese. And I ended up picking out most of the peppers in my quesedilla. WTF? I've just recently entered the world of peppers -- do I have to leave it so soon? I stopped at the little farmer's cart across the street from the dog park on Saturday and picked up a watermelon, though, and luckily I still love that!

It was such a lovely (long) weekend, and Brad and I took advantage of it, finally making a trip out to the beach ("beach" ha ha -- Independence Lake). We also finally broke in the awesome picnic basket Meg got us for our wedding. We dined on our Whole Foods goodies and splashed around in the water for a while. We got home just in time for a surprise visit from Aunt Sandy and her best friend, Bev. Up next, a trip to Border's where I sadly discovered that even though the new Wally Lamb book was released on Saturday, Border's won't have it until Tuesday or Wednesday. Speaking of books, I finished Organic, Inc. I must confess, a lot of it was more businessy than my brain was interested in so I did skim quite a bit, but overall, lots of interesting stories and tidbits. Makes me darn glad I'm not a farmer -- I can't even wrap my brains around the craziness of farming itself, let alone trying to stay in business. I have the utmost respect for those guys, especially the ones willing to take a chance and go organic.

Speaking of plants... My babies are all flourishing. I had a close call there with my marigolds, but they seem to have bounced back. I haven't even killed my porch plants yet, and a shiny little green bug has found one of them to be the perfect home. Here's hoping my indoor plants can survive the impending repotting into new, bigger homes -- fingers crossed. My basil smells heavenly, and it's not too long until I can start cooking with it!

Last but not least, Meg was in town AGAIN! That's twice in a two-week period. :) Sunday, Meg and Melissa came over here to meet Brad and me, then the four of us headed to Red Hawk to meet up with Doug, Steve, and Allison. I must interject that it's been great these past few weeks meeting Steve and Allison, and Melissa, all recent Ann Arbor transplants. Welcome to town, kiddies! Anyway, after we closed down Red Hawk, we walked over to the new Bar Louie to have a few drinks. Let's just say that Meg + Melissa + Stephanie = Trouble (of the good kind, of course). It was a late night, and a good time was had by all.

Needless to say, today was a lazy day, and even Heidi was pooped, but looking cute as always, of course.

P.S. I finally watched Little Miss Sunshine today, which I dvr'd recently. If you haven't seen it yet, rent it now. I love love loved it. It was so sweet and touching, and I was just dying for the whole last half hour. That horn! That dance! One of the best movies I've watched in a long time, fo sho. And I just loved Steve Carell in this. I think he's so hilarious and he was just so perfectly understated here, which was a surprise because I've never seen him in a drama role.... Definitely will watch again.

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Rachel said...

Um, you totally left out the vomit details of Bar Louie night. ;)