13 September 2007

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

I originally sat down to write a quick, "wow, today was beautiful note," but I've since then spent an hour and a half trying to figure out the damn external hard I bought to back up my iTunes files. I appear to have some missing files (all my ABBA files!) and it is driving me batty. That being said... It really was a beautiful afternoon.

Heidi sure wanted to go to the dog park. I thought it was a better walk-through-the-woods day, so we headed out toward the trails. It took me an entire block to get her to walk willingly. Such a princess. Luckily, despite several tromps through the weeds, there are no snake sightings to report. The sunny weather also inspired me to hit up the Thursday Zingerman's market for a few more treats -- I'd been regretting not buying the goat cheese for 24 hours, and today the cheese guy introduced me to the yummiest cheese ever. Goat cheese rolled in rosemary. So simple, but so delicious. And let me tell you, my fridge? It smells heavenly.

Although it was so incredibly lovely today, yesterday's cooler weather has definitely put me into the fall mindframe. I went to the library looking for fall-recipe cookbooks, and I couldn't resist... I picked up the Halloween handbook. :) So after walking and running errands, it was finally time for dinner. It was Brad's last night at golf league, so I whipped up myself the best sandwich ever. My new goat cheese, fresh Zingerman's bread, and farmer's market tomato, onion, and pepper (possibly the reddest tomato ever)... MMM.

Finally, puppy prayers go out to our Annie and Mike. Annie was Rachel's sweetie -- an energetic husky that kept getting adopted out then returned. I believe she was a wanderer. Mike was also put down today, but we're not sure of the details. May these pooches rest in peace and finally heal after their short, tough lives. I'm thankful every day that our humane society is a low-kill shelter because even losing two pups breaks our hearts.


Rachel said...

Nice cheese. ;)

I'm super glad I got in extra hugs on Mike last week and one last visit with Annie (and I'm even more super glad I didn't know it would be my last time with each). Hopefully there's a great big dog park in the sky and we'll all meet up there someday. ;)

Sara said...

So sad! I'm guessing they enjoyed their time with you though!

That sandwich (and the cheese) looks super good. I keep meaning to pick up some goat cheese, since you've been raving about it.