27 September 2007

Scene of the crime

Clearly, I like to take pictures. I don't think I'm that creative, but sometimes I get lucky based on the 20 photos I've taken of the same scene and get a killer shot. I'm pretty good about keeping everything in order and putting all my photos in albums. For my wedding shower and bachelorette party, Sara gave me the fixings and inspiration to try my hand at scrapbooking for the first time. She even created page templates for me and fun labels to use. With all her help, I got through that album pretty quickly (ok, not quickly, but it wasn't too stressful). Next up I wanted to scrapbook everything from our honeymoon. Thus started my mindset of "scrapbook everything, in order." It's next to impossible for me to deviate from this philosophy. Ultimately, it's what turned me off from scrapbooking. I'm that anal! But recently I've given it some more thought and have gotten the craft bug up my butt. I picked up a magazine, looked at some websites, talked to Sara, got a few supplies. Then lo and behold, Sara sent me a link to a call for layouts from Simple Scrapbooks, requesting special layouts about pets. I was initially intimidated, but Sara helped me come up with a theme (eating!), and I got started. I sat down this evening and tried a few things out and finally got my ideas on paper. It's not great and I know I won't get published or anything, but I went ahead and submitted it just for fun. It's a start to a more open idea about scrapbooking, and once I have some more general supplies, I just might make a few good pages!

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Sara said...

That picture at the top is hilarious. I love the layout! So Heidi! It's all about telling stories you'll want to remember later. And buying fun paper and stuff. :)