15 September 2007

Pukey pooch.

Yesterday I had my first brush with mommy panic. Our poor baby pooch was a pukey, sullen mess, and it threw me into a massive fit. She seemed mostly fine throughout the day, but around 3 pm she commenced pukefest 07. Poor thing. Luckily after two calls to the vet, they got us in just before closing to check Heidi out. She just wasn't herself, laying quiet and calmly in the office, letting the vet check her out. Luckily the vet wasn't too horribly concerned, so we assume she just ate something weird (what could possibly be weird for a dog that loves toilet paper, post-it notes, and leaves?). Turns out she also has an eye infection. Our little medical disaster. So off we went with our many meds, Heidi leaving a parting puke all over the reception area. We came home and started her on her medicine, and she proceeded to sleep for the next 12 hours. She slept with me (Brad was out of town), and didn't fidget or fuss all night. While normally a quiet and calm Heidi is much appreciated, I know it's because she's feeling crappy, so it was so sad. She's been puke free since the vet incident, so I think she's on her way to feeling better. For now, we'll just spend the day cuddling, enjoying this pretty fall day.

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Rachel said...

You might want to make sure no neighborhood laundry lines are missing. ;)