09 September 2007

I vant to suck your blood!

Despite a late start to the day (due to a late night, of course! Ladies + Ryan night. Wahoo!), I made it out to do my dogwalking this afternoon. It was such a sweet afternoon, filled with nothing but love. Seriously, the pooches were overflowing with loving (and probably hot as hell, so they just wanted to relax more than anything) and I just couldn't get enough. Unfortunately, none of them have pics online, but trust me, they were all cute.

I started out walking Garcia, a leopard-looking pup with lots of energy, and he delivered kisses all over my face. Next, I couldn't resist catching up with Olive (last week's sweetie), and I'm happy to report she had an "I've been adopted!" note on her cage. She's grown in the past week, but she hasn't changed -- we spent the entire 20 minutes on the grass, me rubbing her belly. Trudy was my next pooch, and what a surprise she was. I'm so bad with dog breeds, and her form wasn't filled out, but she looked a little pit-ish and a little jack russell. She pulled me out into the yard and we walked for a few, and then we had a seat on a bench (really, it was hot!), and she stood in front of me and threw her paws up and rested her head in my lap. Then she jumped up and sat next to me. Then she was in my lap, sitting, then laying down. Then she was gback up giving me kisses. I know they all need their exercise, but it's such a treat when you have someone that just wants to cuddle. Also new this week was a St. Bernard mix named Achilles. What a sweetie!!!! It always amazes me how gentle big dogs like that are. But he was so calm and soft and furry. I loved every second, except for when he randomly stopped and pooped mid-parking lot! Ha! I guess when you have to go, you have to go. Oh, and I briefly got to manhandle a teeeeeny jack russell puppy! Two people were waiting to visit with her, so I'm sure she'll be adopted in no time.

The only downfall of the day was that all the rain and humidity have made it mosquito haven EVERYWHERE, especially out near the woods. I was eaten alive the whole time I was dogwalking, but I guess it was worth it. :)

Anyway, friends, I've made it through my first weekend home alone without Brad. It was tough, I missed him a lot, but I spent two nights in a row home alone by myself -- a first. I slept without the tv on all night. I'm a big girl now! Thanks to everyone who kept me company this weekend. XOXO

PS. More evidence that I'm growing up... Trudy and I saw a snake and I only mildly freaked out! Ugh. Shiver.

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Jebby said...

I misread your blog and thought this was "random thoughts on eating pooches." My random thought is, I don't think I want to eat a canine, I'll stick to hot wings! My second random thought is "when is lunch?"