30 September 2007

Brad Pitt.

Petunia's Big Adventure
Rachel and Don went out of town this weekend, so I was lucky enough to score pig-sitting duty. As always, Petunia and I had a lovely time. Heidi was curious, of course. Sniff sniff! (That's Heidi sniffing Petunia's butt.)
"Oh no! Michael Myers is coming to get me!"

Better call the police!
Don't worry, piggie! Slater will save you!

In other news this weekend....
The humane society is nuts right now. There are hardly ANY dogs - it's awesome! :) What we do have are a TON of pitts and pit mixes. And boy oh boy are they cute!!! Because there were only a few dogs in kennel one, I braved kennel two for the first time, where they keep the bite cases and stray dogs that haven't been checked in yet. Most were off limits, but I did walk two pitts, one of which was the sweetest girl ever. We walked across the yard, found a bench, and spent the next 20 minutes just enjoying the peace and quiet (kennel two is ridiculously loud) -- her laying on my lap, her paws crossed on my leg. After that we were all caught up, so another volunteer and I went to smoosh the pitt puppies in the puppy room. While those little buggers have razor-sharp teeth, they were so cute. Like, disgustingly cute. There are four that are just two months old, and it is so funny to watch them romp around with each other. I didn't even mind when they licked right up my nose and nibbled on my ears. They were that cute. Oh, and one was totally named Bradd Pitt. I don't know how anyone could ever look at one of their sweet faces and train them to fight. What is wrong with people?!?! (Pictured: Kerra and Sonny.)

Speaking of walking dogs, today was so beautiful that Heidi and I went for a long hike at Bird Hills. While slightly treacherous at first (Heidi gets SO worked up that going downhill is a disaster -- I somehow made it out with only falling on my butt once), Heidi eventually tired herself out and we had a fantastic walk.

Fun tidbit: My fantabulous hubby Brad joined me at the Farmer's Market yesterday for the first time. Saturdays are a little bit like art fair, but he didn't complain. :) Thanks for joining me, babe!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Auntie Steph. I love Petunia's pictorial!!!! I'm glad she behaved and even had time to hang out on your boobs. ;)

Smooch smooch!!!

Tough Cookie said...

I love Bird Hills. Another good trail to hike in that area is called The Cliffs (it's off of Main St. near M-14, and I don't even know if it's marked). I used to mountain bike there.