20 September 2007

Hey! You stepped on my foot! Now sign my petition.

Yesterday was very bipolar. Super ups, super downs. Now that Heidi was finally feeling better, she had to go and get herself in trouble again (not the Dirty Dancing kind of "trouble" har har). I was working in the living room and ran upstairs to take a quick call. When I came down five minutes later, Heidi had worked the baby-proof cap of my Crohn's pills open and was chomping away on my capsules. My heart nearly stopped. I rushed her to the vet where we did some quick, half-assed math determining she ate atleast 4 pills and no more than 8 (I take 8 a day, so it's not like she took a human-lethal dose). I left Heidi at the vet where they spent the next two hours trying to get her to puke -- peroxide, morphine, charcoal. Nothing!!! So they sent her home basically with a "I think she'll be fine" $260+ bill, even though they weren't able to help her at all. The time she was at the vet was the worst -- we basically spend ALL our time together, and it just broke my heart not to have her here with me. How is it possible to love someone so very much that eats all your stuff, poops all over your yard, and barks at you for no reason?

Luckily we haven't seen any of the "watch for" symptoms and she's mostly back to normal today. Last night was so sad, though, because she was all hopped up on morphine and looked like a little crackhead with glassy eyes, falling asleep standing up. She sure does make our lives interesting.

On the upper side of yesterday, Rachel and I worked our first event as members of Planned Parenthood Young Leaders -- the 9th annual beer tasting. With over 100 attendees, the event was a grand success and everyone seemed to have a great time. Rachel got to use her charm for "tips for choice" whilst pouring everyone's favorite dougie-style beer. I worked the room gathering signatures on our Prevention First petition. I even met the man that performed PP's first vasectomy 40 years ago! It was great to meet so many like-minded people, and I can't wait until our next event in January.

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Rachel said...

You said it, sister. It was so nice to gather and celebrate our cause and not have to worry about being yelled at or challenged.

And clearly there is a market for dog-proof medicine bottles. Get on it! ;D