12 September 2007

Fall frenzy!

Fall is here, my friends. It came out of nowhere and bit us on the ass, but I think I'm okay with it. Especially after seeing all the goodies at the Farmer's Market today. Lisa was down for the afternoon, so we met up with Krissy and Bava to benefit from the fall harvest. I got the usual suspects -- green beans for Heidi, tomatoes (I'm dreading the day these disappear for the season...), Zingerman's cheese -- but also loaded up on some true fall goodies, like squash, potatoes, apples, and a bucket of cutie pants gourds. Time for the fall centerpiece! I'm also feeling some more love for peppers, so I grabbed a few to throw in tonight's pasta primavera. I love the colorful ones -- so pretty! I need to find some good recipes to make use of all the different kinds of squashes available now, too, and pumpkins. Yum!

After the market, I did some work while Lisa and the pooches hung out and rested up for an exciting afternoon at the.... DOG PARK!
Today was a great day for pooches. The park was full, the weather was cool, and there was a puppy! A few weeks ago I met a really cool woman at the park who has a lab that looks just like Heidi. She said they were about to get a second lab puppy, and today was finally the day -- all three of them were there, and I smooshed the heck out of that little pooch. Her name is Ellie. Ellie's sister is Hanna, and her and Heidi are pooch twins. So sweet.
The three of them are the gate keepers. "There is no Dana. Only Zool."

PS For Rachel:

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Rachel said...

OMG. Those two look like old people. I love it!!!! Snort snort.