28 March 2011

You've been chopped.

It is most decidedly NOT spring. It is cold. Biting cold. But it's sunny. This March has been very sneaky. So despite being so very much still winter, my brain is in spring mode, and Sunday I decided to make a very spring treat in honor of Chopped: All Stars night at our house. Lemon lime bars! And because I love this old recipe the best, I used it again. AND (and no and then!) my new apron is perfectly lemon-limey!

Because we were hosting guests, I made a double batch, so lots of citrus to squeeze. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I still get such silly joy out of using my antique juicer. I just love it to death.

This round of lemon-lime bars marked my first time making the crust with my processor. I always hem and haw about actually using it because it's so many pieces to clean up afterward, but I need to remember how much easier it makes everything. My crust mixed up in seconds. And it smelled oh so lovely, with all the lemon zest mixed in.

And just 'cause my apron matches so perfectly...

Into the oven to set, then it was time to mix up the lemon-lime filling. Which leads me to my latest exciting discovery: I made these on a Sunday. The little vitamin store where I buy my happy eggs is closed on Sunday. I needed eggs. I was feeling egg guilt all morning knowing I was going to have to buy store eggs. So I went into Martin's and pouted as I walked to the egg aisle. And look what I found!

Happy chickies!!!!!

Now. I'm always suspicious of grocery marketing. But I came home and did some research, and as far as I can tell, this is legit. I'll still buy my super local happy eggs, but I'm excited to know I have access to other happy, still slightly local eggs. Phew!

And guess what? The bars turned out great, and looked adorable in my fancy Pyrex. A random side note: This recipe, and the blog post I snagged it from, is what sparked my Pyrex obsession.

With and without coconut.

They went nicely with the fourth installment of the All Stars round. Even though annoying "aye-ron" won.

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