24 March 2011

There's no place like home.

I'm so excited about our new kitchen art. Even though it required me doing math to get most of it up. The good news is no one was injured in my struggle (except one of my frames, which I dropped and cracked the wood and need to replace eventually... shhh, don't tell Brad).

The little guys above my window are my London souvenirs. On our last day of vacation, Brad and I visited the Churchill War Rooms, which, to my delight, had the most amazing gift shop (kind of an odd spot for a gift shop, but who am I to argue?). Side note: I've JUST discovered they have an online gift shop, too. Uh-oh! ;) Anyway, the gift shop highlighted wartime propaganda, and I nearly squealed with delight when I discovered the very extensive postcard display. I picked out my favorites and have been saving them for the right spot (which reminds me, I have two off-size ones yet to frame and hang!). And considering my house was built in the late 1930s, they are the perfect addition.

Turn a new leaf: Eat vegetables daily to enjoy good health.
Save kitchen scraps to feed the hens.
Housewives! Please finish traveling by 4 'o clock (and leave the trams, buses, and trains free for war workers).
Feed right to feel right.

To the left, we have my new French chickie, which I am madly in love with. And I must sing the praises of Allposters.com again - the best friend of any new homeowner. So many great prints to choose from, and so many great sales almost daily. I think I got French chickie for 30% off.

My french is pretty rudimentary, so I haven't completely translated the message. Something about a brave chicken? (Hopefully it's nothing like "chicken is delicious!!!") Either way, I'm happy to have my new poultry friend to keep me company in the kitchen.

Finally, the ultimate message.

This is actually a housewarming card from Sara and Matt. I've had it out for months and it just occurred to me last week that it would look perfect in our mudroom, where we enter the house 95% of the time. So I framed it, did some more math, and hung it up. I think it's just right.


Sara said...

Love all your art!!

Lady Lisa said...

This is too perfect. Krisal & I just stumbled into a lithography shop this weekend with entire BINDERS of war/food propaganda! I got some new art I've been meaning to hang too, so thanks for the inspiration to get on it!

Anonymous said...

You are in luck... the rough translation is essentially:

City of Paris... (can't read the rest)...

I am a good hen in war
I eat little and produce much

Stephanie said...

Thanks, anonymous! I'm glad I'm not advertising the deliciousness of chicken in my kitchen. :)